Thermal paste removal?

Hey guys,

I have recently bought myself a corsair H100i which is coming tomorrow to replace my huge noctua NH-D14 which I was afraid was going to break my CPU in transit. Speaking of my Noctua NH-D14 I was hoping to sell this for the best asking price on any site I can in addition to be CM stryker case and asus p8z77-i deluxe which as a broken USB 3 header over paypal. 

But my CPU currently has arctic silver mx-4 paste on it which I am unsure about removing. I wish to use the TIM on the H100i just because it it spread and pre applied already. 

I do not have any kind of alcohol to remove the thermal paste so I was wondering whether I could leave the paste on.

If my temperatures will be effected badly I heard nail polish remover can be used to remove it so I do have that at hand (don't ask why ;)



NO... Do you have any vodka? Tequila? Or other high proof alcohol? It won't work as well, but it will still do the job. Another option is nail polish remover (if your mom/girlfriend/sister/ or you have any), just make sure to not get any on anything plastic!!!

Can't you just run to the drug store and grab some rubbing alcohol? ALSO if you do, ask the pharmacist for non-woven gauze (DIRT CHEAP) and much better for cleaning the cpu and heatsink as they won't leave any lint or debris!