Thermal Paste/Compound question

Greetings fellows! I assume that this is the right place for this question, but if not please direct me to where this question belongs.

Anyway, I've been using Arctic silver 5 for quite a while for CPU coolers, and so I usually feel comfortable suggesting it to people when asked what they should use. However, I was told recently that this compound is "outdated" and that there are a number of better performing alternatives out there in terms of heat transfer. Is there anyone here willing to point me in the direction of said alternatives?

The "better performing" componds beat AS5 by a few degrees. The only reason not to use AS5 is because it is conductive. I use Liquid Ultra for the "best" thermal compound, but I don't see much better temps on my CPU or GPU.

While it is conductive, as long as you don't squeeze it all over your other components you will be golden with just using it.

I use AS5 as well, just make sure it is only going where you want it to go to be 100% safe with it.

Oh I'm extremely careful with it for just that reason.

If you could, could you post some sort of results of the testing once its done? I'd love to see what you come up with!

Im getting some IC Diamond in today. Gonna try that out, see how it works. 

It supposedly etches off the writing on some CPUs.. but i really don't care about that.