Thermal paste change

I have been getting temps of 40ish degrees centergrade which is HOT. I need some thermal paste for my cpu. By the way can i use methelayted spirits95 percent t v/v ethanol and i need some decent thermal pase for my 212 evo since im gonna ocing it to 4.2 GHz

Don't use methylated spirits, they add stuff to it so people don't drink it which also leaves residue. Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or acetone if you can't get any. 


40 degrees doesn't seem that hot. There is little difference between different TIMs, the application is more important than which one you use. Make sure you only use a little, in the center and press the heat sink down on top of it, don't put half a tube on and try spreading it around with your finger.

Personally I use arctic silver or whatever comes with a heat sink.

46ish on idle Centigrade which to me its its quite hot since i live in australia melburne where the weather climate is weird. Also thanks. God the max temp was 78 while oced to 4.2 on about 20 mins oh the cpu is a amd fx6300

Yeah that's pretty hot. Although the temperature sensor on the FX chips is pretty useless, especially when Idle. What voltage are you using?

i not really sure about the voltage since i set it in the yellow zone in the offset voltage and i do not know of which voltage it was on or it may be on stock cant remember. oh i used an asus m5a99x evo r2.0 motherboard to overclock 

I am currently using Zalman STG1 thermal grease and have my FX 6300 OCed to 4.1 GHz. My temperatures are fantastic for me so yup. Why not try some cooler master pastes or arctic silver?

If you've left the cpu voltage on auto then that might be your problem. The auto setting will set the voltage higher to improve stability and it will usually go way too high if you're overclocking. 

You should set it manually to whatever the stock voltage is, as in set it to the actual number not the auto or normal setting. Then test and see if it's stable, if not raise it by a small amount and try again, keep doing this until you get it stable and keep an eye on your temps to make sure they are good. 

Also disable turbo or whatever AMD calls it.

the only problem is that there are not many thermal paste in Australia only the cheap nasties and only decent one i could get are the Noctua NT-HI or the Artic Silver 5 but thinking of getting of getting the Noctua and boy rubbing alcohol aint cheap here. 

Noctua NT-H1

I can do it via software which is called AMD Overdrive on Windows but it does not have a save function which i did oced and test with with the software for about a minute because i was too lazy( oced to 4.3ghz 1.4v) but i would rather do it via the bios and find me a tutorial of the feature of the my motherboard and how to overclock an AMD cpu if you can THANKS!!!!

I haven't used Noctua pastes yet but from the reviews I'm seeing online, its a very good paste. Give it a shot?  mean, from what you said, it sounds like you don't have many options there.

Noctua paste is good but it's not the best, spanks cooler master's paste though. It also has no cure time while Arctic Silver while generally better performing (about 1-2 degrees) requires a 200 hour cure time that you should not overclock during best guide specifically for FX chips on Asus 970/990X/990FX mobos

what the heck is cure time

How long it takes for the paste to set properly and give optimal performance and the amount of time you should wait before overclocking.

i kinda figured it out what it means so thanks