Thermal Differences/Safetyness when/of applying new thermal paste to a gpu

**Edit* So my main question I completely forgot about asking was how safe is it to change the paste on it with AS5?*


So I have GTX 770 and been thinking about applying new thermal paste onto it (Artic Silver 5) and have been wondering if it is worth changing out the thermal/safe to do so.


I have been wanting to do so because it just feels a bit too hot for my personal preference whenever I stream and to keep my room a bit cooler (new overhanging fan is nowhere near as fast as my old one, but is so pretty) and I just want to hear of anyone elses experience of applying new thermal paste to a gpu.

My current idle temps are around 49 C, average of 65-70 and max of 75


Voiding my warranty is not an issue at this current point also

I have replaced the paste on a faulty Powercolor RHD 6870, but cannot test it to see if I did it correctly.

Current fan speeds

Interested to see what difference it makes thermally. Document well with plenty of pictures, please, as well as before and after temp testing (games and or a canned benchmark or something after a set time interval).

That is exactly what I was planning to do if I get the balls to do it.

I have a few games/benchmarks I was going to test it with and try to make a really good thing out of it

I edited the overall question of the post

All you have to worry about is that the paste is not conductive (if it is make sure its not spilling over) so apply just a little of it - no need to smear it all over.

Be sure to clean it before applying new paste. Use soft cloth or paper - make sure your hands are without static charge - before touching pcb touch some metal to ground yourself.

Also make sure not to bend pcb or screw it too hard as it might crack connection paths.

If cards are still on warranty and you have thermal problems i would just rma; unless its asus - they allow you to take the stock cooler off without voiding warranty.

Artic Silver is highly conductive, best to use non conductive TIM as it will destroy your GPU, or just carefully put a very small amount on the core. Be sure to clean all the remaining paste on the GPU as it will interfere with the TIMs performane, you can use microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol, just a little dab on the cloth will do fine

I replaced the old thermal compound on my gt630 a few months back and all I got was 2C down from the original tim, I used a DeepCool Z5 non conductive as no other tims where available. 

Good luck!