There's an IBM 5100 on eBay

Prepare the Microwave and get some Dr Pepper.


Back in the day when everybody smoked at work:)
10 grand when new, ran basic and something called APL.
Really cool find:)

"Portable" ... Lol
Are you trying to start a museum for old, decrepit, outdated hardware?

Kinda want

IBM 5100

Not really all that useful. This is less useful than a Commodore PET. Very little software for this system compared to newer stuff.

My opinion for retro/nostalgia computing is to get the fastest DOS compatible system you can. It gets hard to find systems with ISA after CPUs go over 1GHz.

That's not nostalgic, you had to be rich in 1975 to afford one for it to be nostalgic. It's a collector's item that should be in a museum or in Japan hacking Sern.

Whip up a batch of retr0bright and smother that sucker. Hate to see that yellowing.

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Yeah like the 8bit guy

Did it for model m's that are in iffy condition works great.

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Somebody find present-day John Titor. He won't know it yet, but he needs this.


Yeah. THATS a system that should be an ITX box.

not fucking coco3's.....

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this thread title. John Titor should really check eBay more often.

Also kind of related:

The above youtuber bought an unopened IBM PC 5170 from a eBay seller that has a warehouse full of unsold and unopened units. Look at the top pinned comment in that video for more information on how to purchase one.


I think Clint said he paid about $500 for it... That's almost worth it for a new in box Model M with the steel square logo on the right side.

Speaking of the 5170, that thing has a 286 and I just found this on reddit.

A Toolchain for intel CPUs from the 8008 to the 286 and it has partial C++17 support. That would be cool for retro coding and I wonder if it will work with the Maths Co-Processor.

80287 is the math co-processor for both the 286 and 386, kinda weird.

Dos machines are fun to play around with (8086.......) but the 8 bit machines are also fun but in a different way. What is amazing is how much they could do with them.
The Kaypro 2 and TRS-4 were nice in that they both ran CP/M and had a huge amount of software avail.
Doom was written in plain old C (386) not sure what Wolfienstien was written in (286) but Quora has a thread about it

and github has the source code. It is amazing how they could make this fun game on a 286 with a lil over 100 thousand switches compared to the 3 billion we have on a cheap APU:)




And that's what they considered "portable" back in the day, oh my ( ͡ᶢ ͜ʖ ͡ᶢ). Glad I'm an 80's baby

Great site! Thanks for posting this:)
At 5 grand a pop brand new someone went broke when the 386's came out:)