[Theory][Opinion] Windows 10 will soon block non-Store apps

I can almost picture which "security" level option will be suddenly active by default after some quick fix update even though it is supposed to be off by default.

That will be a raging success because as we all know everyone uses the Windows Store.


Shit like this drove me to linux.


The article says it's off by default. I see no problem with an optional tool to help protect against viruses. I could easily see this as an enhancement to the admin tools. Meaning non-admins could be given permission to install verified applications but still be safe from other applications that might be installed on the system.

Now, if microsoft in the future makes it so you CANNOT install any none win store applications then thats a whole different matter. but I doubt that will happen, at elast any time soon as universal compatibility is what keeps microsoft alive.


Unfortunately, this decision will still leave Windows 10 malware infecting the system.


am I the only one thinking of the article where Tim Sweeney stated that Microsoft will begin screwing over win32 to push their own service... damn he called it. I have the feeling that this is just the first step.

Who didn't see this coming?
Windows 10 is full of telemetry, among other things techies don't like...

That being said, this could help prevent the unwashed masses from installing malware disguised as some codec, game, or video file. I guess this is what will have to substitute for proper separation of privilege levels like you see in Linux.

As long as there is a method for installing things like Libre Office through the App Store, it could be a real boon for security.


If you're going to train windows users you may as well teach them a solid linux distro and leave them with that.

Click-bait title.

The option is an opt-in


the fear is Microsoft will bait in switch to on by default or at a later date change it.

this is VERY bad, microsoft has already been uninstalling/disabling apps for arbitrary reasons, they're just slowly tightening their grip.


It is a hard fact. MS's problem is how to get there.

Microsoft need a 9/11 event to have an excuse to take away users power over a PC. They will do it for the good of the world I would put money on it.

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Yeah but osx allows you to turn gatekeeper off. This literally blocks ein32 apps.

I'm tellin you guys to get in the boat so we can go to America but you wany to live under a stupid kings rule so....

Can I still write and compile my own programs, or did they shut my compiler off too?

PS I hate to say it but this sounds like what RMS has been saying all along. You don't control your software it's the other way around.

If it is not certified for the MS app store.... In the future with my take on the direction MS and Apple take personal computers.Both companies want to lock in the mass's to their platforms and the trend is web app that run on any OS at the moment.

yup, which is why I'm currently looking to swtich all my PCs to Linux. Microsoft is intent on locking down the OS and spying on the users.

@cotton they will likely do to self compiled programs what they did for ASM programs, have them auto flagged as a virus and prevent you from running them or auto delete them the second it finishes assembling/compiling.

This is now 1984 OS, dope y'all are ready for it.

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"...think of the children"

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Okay, so their doing this in the name of security and making it so the 'average' user doesn't install malware on accident.

The reason the Windows Store has not been a big target is because no one uses it. Once everybody is forced to use it, wouldn't it THEN become a target making this a mute point?

I get it may be harder when it's a closed Windows Store ecosystem, but would it not still be a problem?

Microsoft dont give a fuck about that. Locking you into the Windows Store is the thing. It about selling the change to the masses not making sense.

Well M$ is trying to go the route of Mac.
- One OS that just gets updates . No more major releases.
- Block apps that don't come from the store (unless the user knows how to bypass the "security feature")
- One base os that runs across all devices Xbox, Phone, PC

The success of this is hinged on application providers. Will Adobe get behind it? Autodesk? We know Valve won't, what about the other digital sale game providers?