Theme for a Watercooled Build (Colors, ect.)

I have been looking at water cooling my cpu and gpu in my Corsair Air 540. I not only am looking to do a color scheme, but also a theme that is related to a game or movie. Even if this seems pointless, it sounds like a fun challenge to an enthusiast like me.

At first, I was looking at doing a white and black or white and blue themed computer, which would be pretty simple. But now, I am trying to tie it in to a game or movie (Such as Lord of the Rings or star wars). I am still looking at doing a color scheme to keep everything matching pretty well. I would like to avoid black if all possible, because I like brighter builds (Not afraid of bright colors like yellow and pink!) and I think black has been used too much.

A few examples of what I want are black and yellow for Metro: Last Light, Red and black/gunmetal gray for The Witcher, and white and black for star wars storm troopers (Didn't actually think of this one, see it here, you must scroll down the page:

I have seen a lot of star wars build and even a cool fallout build (, but have been leaning towards doing a lord of the rings build since I haven't seen any one who has done it and I really like the movie/book. One thing I though of was doing a Gondor theme, with the tree of Gondor on the case side panel (Non window one), but can't think of anything else to do for it.

Sorry for being so demanding and specific, but wanted to see what ideas you could come up with. If I use your idea, I will give you credit (Unless you don't want it) if I post a video or build log on it. WARNING the whole theme will not come together all at once, I will start with the water cooling and general color theme and move on to the details later.