Theatre of Tragedy fans? Suggestions?

I was listening to my symphonic metal station on Pandora when it played "Bring Forth Ye Shadow" by Theatre of Tragedy. I've been obsessed with the song. It just seems like an amazing balance of beautiful vocals, growls, and overall gloominess. Can anyone offer suggestions of artists, or songs (by Theatre of Tragedy or otherwise) with this style? Thanks.

Bring Forth Ye Shadow:

Metalhead/musician here,

Goth metal isn't my first love as I'm more into crazy syncopated off time madness like Morgan Agren, but back in the day, any good metal collection included the following;

  • The Sins of Thy Beloved (TOT clone)
  • The 3rd and The Mortal
  • Tactile Gemma
  • Atrox (The singer in Tactile Gemma and Atrox is Kari's sister from 3rd and the mortal)
  • Orphanage (Crazy Ducth band, way ahead of their time unfortunately no longer together - also hard to find, so this will help
  • Tristania (earlier stuff)
  • Peccatum (Isahn's mellow stuff).
  • My Dying Bride
  • Nightwish

Also you may want to check out Opeth and Green Carnation, which is more progressive/folk sounding.

There are many more bands to list but most of them dwelve into blackmetal territory. Which you may not appreciate.





I'm not all that new to metal, just new to Theatre of Tregedy, and by extension, I guess gothic metal. Although CoF seems pretty gothic to me, at least their Midian album, which is my favorite. A Gothic Romance is still one of my CoF songs, though I haven't listened to much else from Dusk and Her Embrace. I've seen a lot of flaming on YT comments about genre, so I don't even try to classify my music anymore. I've been listening to ToT's Velvet Darkness album, and I'm really digging it. They're electronic music kinda throws me for a loop, and I probably wouldn't have minded it if I was expecting it.

Folk metal is one of my favorites (Eluveitie, Korpilaani, Arkona, Ensiferum, etc.), I don't mind certain types of black metal, and symphonic metal is pretty awesome (saw Nightwish in there), but I guess I'm really looking for Gothic metal. I know of a few songs by Opeth that I really like, but I should really into them.

Orphanage is cool, but I still need to look into the rest of your suggestions. Thanks though.

paradise lost.



Possibly the greatest metal band of all time. My Dying Bride

If you like Theatre of Tragedy, then you'll like Forever Slave's first album. The first track on the album, "Lunatic Asylum", is a very strong track. Its the same Beauty and the Beast metal like ToT. The only thing is their album after their first is different sounding. Check em out, I'll post a link to Lunatic Asylum. They are from Spain so they mix spanish into the lyrics. One thing though, she is not very good sounding live.


Forever Slave Link right here <<---