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The Youtube Channel Needs New Music For Credibility *(Plus me being an idiot)


The music used at the intro of Level1 Techs youtube channel is lame and banal. It is an overused and lame stock music track. Y’all need to source other music. It’s nitpicky but I cringe everytime I watch a video.

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Welcome to the forum!

What would you recommend using in place of the intro music?
Why do you think new music will lend any credibility to videos?



imagine being so unable to skip the intro by pressing L once



I suppose it is not necessarily a matter of credibility. Of course my opinion is just that, but whenever I open a video and hear that same piano intro that is used so often in so many low calorie YouTube videos, I just get annoyed that such an excellent provider of information is still using cheap music for their intro. So yes, it’s not a matter of credibility, my immediate inclination is that it reflects laziness.

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we got to be positive, it’s a new person.

What do you think would be better?

@wendell would you be open to new music, or are you attached to the tried and true?



I am not prescribing an alternative, I am saying that the current intro music is shit. I think I have completely and incorrectly gone about voicing my distaste for the intro music.



Your complaint has been noted, but it’s no way to start and end a thread.

Surely we can come up with some good sources for new music.



You’re absolutely right. I apologize for being ignorant in my prompt. I have been an intermittent lurker since L1 started. I did this incorrectly.



Well when your first post is a negative one, I would say that is a bit in poor taste. You also offered no suggestions for change or the forum their thoughts.

This is not youtube, however I hope your future threads are a bit more engaging

No problem welcome to the forum again!

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We can move on from that. No need to stress over it.

Let’s just look for some solutions, and go for a positive tangent.



Do yourself a favor and stop watching shit youtube videos with overused stock songs.
Stick with this high quality youtube channel with overused stock songs.
1st world problem if I ever saw one…



Thanks for taking the high note. Now go be awesome in a movie!



shhhhh, were trying to turn this around.



I just want to say thank you to y’all in this thread. My blindspot was obvious to y’all and were kind in pointing it out. I suppose what I meant to say was that the intro music could contribute to the quality of the content, but I completely failed to communicate that.



Ok, so we’ve got the free music archive.

Creative commons is the license for most.

Never heard of bensound, but it’s royalty free, so it’s a lead.



we just have to get them on board, I think that will be easier said than done

I would love to see a community contest, but maybe that’s too hard

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Here’s a site that’s compiled some sources for us already.

Of course, we have no say in what the final video will sound like, but I’m sure that @Colin_Firth isn’t the only one to notice the bland and tired intro used in most videos.

If it really does bother a lot of people that do watch L1T content regularly, it’s a valid concern. We should probably try to establish a baseline as to how much it actually annoys people. Not sure how else to gather information like that, unless it was a pinned poll, or something like that.



One last note: Thanks to the community for not being immediately hostile and helping me to realize how I fucked up in my post. I’ll be more mindful in the future!



I am glad some care enough to help out.

I also want new motion graphics, willing to pay for them, probably something even more minimalistic. When I did computex last year I did some wipes I kinda liked and that might be better than wasted precious seconds on the logo thingie.

We should probably curate some songs.

I really want to stick with libraries that won’t get copystrikedi n 5 years when they’re acquired by someone.

I did rather well with an AI that would generate video game musing… a little too well… didn’t want to stir up trouble with that… and also kind of banal/generic/etc.

If Goosling is lurking maybe he could do something wicked on the violincello :smiley:

hmmmmmm emojii

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this would be a fun video…

Hope to see some cool changes!!