The XAG RPG system

If anyone's bored, the XAG RPG system, is now back into a book form,
version 1, I'll soon make a version 1.5 that corrects some errors and
the like, but I think it's coming along.

Mostly I'm trying to find any rules I've missed or something that could be explained better.

Thanks for reading.

I also still need to come up with some kind of logo

Also XAG is XAG ain't GURPs, the name seemed unique enough, apparently XAG is a measurement of unit for silver or something

If it seems a little math heavy with the damage multipliers, that's
just because I want the game combat to be based around 4D6/4D2 so you'd
need to roll many more dice to increase something's damage, something
to the tune of 6D2 to go from an average of 6 to 9. So the game is a bit
better run with software, and I'll be making a video game version
eventually which is hopefully going to end up having a more real living
world, which the stick figure/Dwarf Fortress style graphics will more
than likely help with. Of course before that will be a sort of
rouge-like combat area type thing, where you build a party and try to
defeat various randomly generated opponents with defined boss levels, a
bit like hand of fate maybe

and I'm using multiple die rolls to base the game around higher average
rolls rather than say 1D20 which is all a 5% chance. Same kinda of issue
or greivence I suppose I kind of have with something like Savage
worlds, where even if you're highly skilled you still roll like 1D8,
meaning you can still roll low.

If I'm wrong on savage worlds let me know I didn't read or play past 1-2 sessions of it in a one shot.

As for

Having perused it briefly, it seems mathematically sound but stale. I
get the point is that it's a system that is modular, an engine really,
but presently it's hard to get excited about.

It's very Gurps at the moment. Solid and mechanically pleasing but with
nothing too interesting. As a toolbox it's fine, but that's really all
it is.

by Marmalade


As soon as I feel the core rulebook is more or less complete with the
math and rules, I'll begin porting the fantasy setting I wrote up long
ago, it just needs to up updated to the new math of the game, and I
still got a lot of various little things to add. The setting books are
hopefully going to end up more like shopping catalogs, with some
adventure settings if someone wants to run a quick game with the system.

Also in the fantasy setting magic is going to have set damages and the
like rather than die rolls for damage, just to help further speed things
along potentially.

Anyways thanks for any help.