The worst two things to hear when ordering parts

I ordered the corsair tx750 v2 and found a message on amazon( that they don't notify you of) to say that they have none in stock and that for an extra £7 they can send me the modular version, i also ordered the EVGA gtx 770 sc from scan, i got an email saying they didn't have them either so they are sending me dual bios version, both of these were meant to be here today and would be the last parts to fit, not good or happy

technically, you didnt "hear" anything.

Dual BIOS = better though.

this is true, read then

yeah i really can't complain about that one especially as theres no price difference to pay

So you are geting 2 upgraded vershon's of the parts you order'd for a extra £7 i fail to see how this is a bad thing TBH....

it's not except for the added waiting, but i'm quite happy about them being better versions