The Work From Home (WFH) Thread

IDK if I buy that

China is tracked to November 1st cases so still China virus.

Also Cali is way less dense then NYC. (NYC is more then double)

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The article does not suggest it’s from here and I’m not saying it started here, but that it had an express passage to LA. Still does not explain New York, it should hit both places around the same time. Then again how many Wuhan tourists want to go to New York in December? LA is great in December.

Speaking of that last time I was in Hawaii there was tons of Chinese tourists… And I got sick AF there too, so bad my supervisor had me stay in my room.

Traveling to epicenters of travel just sucks…

I could visit Cali, could never live there, to much state gov in the wrong ways.

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Its the dense areas- in which case everywhere sucks, East Coast, Left Coast etc- yes. And the huge flights out of California when people retire continues to this day- but this is from the dense regions. Get out of the dense areas and its really nice and the ‘laws’ mean a lot less. Ultimately I have to be where the work I enjoy is.

But to each his own, there are people that love living in New York city. When I lived in Japan I loved being in BFE Sasebo but other people wanted to be in Tokyo really bad. Meh.

If you do visit, hit me up. I offer safe passage and whiskey.

I was there once on my way over to New Zealand, was nice but only there 1 day (layover). Could 100% visit, but even living in DC metro area prices and laws over there (guns/emmission etc) are just too crazy.

I was a sport compact car guy, I HATED the emissions laws, but I appreciate them now. The air looks much better (even pre-COVID) than when I was a kid. In CA’s defense CARB was a necessary evil (specifically for Los Angeles because of how the mountains are, it traps all the smog in). But in typical CA fashion CARB is so bloated and fascist, there was no real way a small business could imagine getting through the process. Same with engine swaps and the BAR, its more feasible but IMO still too restrictive.

I hear New Zealand is great. I haven’t been, but I’ve been to Australia a lot, the land of our very helpful pfsense guru @Dexter_Kane and love it there.

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Hanson thinks the outbreak likely started much sooner than late December of last year, when China says the outbreak began in Wuhan, and that Californians developed some degree of herd immunity through earlier exposure the virus than the rest of the country.

Makes sense. Have you ever been to a UC school?

No, same. I had a rough week about a month back with the exact symptoms of “mild” beer flu.


If you don’t like overbearing governments then Australia is not the place to be right now. It was always something of a nanny state here but now it’s crazy. In WA the first couple of days of the state government having emergency powers and they restrict the sale of alcohol (I work in a winery, so that’s somewhat concerning) and ban the sale of guns and ammunition. The police just suddenly have surveillance drones now and they’re using cellular data to tack everyone. It’s great.


sucks to hear. A buddy in Brisbane has been telling me for the last number of years the cops have gone militant on car culture (mods, speeding etc).

Yeah the modified car thing is crazy, there was this race or car show thing that happens near where I am and a ton of the guys got finned for driving their modified cars to the event.

My understanding is that it’s legal as long as you pass tech inspection (I think you folk call it engineering)?

That’s a super sad thing to hear. :confused:

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I’m not much of a car guy so I don’t know that much about the issues but my understanding is that there is plenty of arbitrary stuff that will get you a failed inspection.

Welcome to the grandma state status!

Same as California

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I have an update. We now have the right kind of beer and we have moved on to wine from the gifted bottle selection.


I’ve settled on doing this spin of 8 count body builders to get blood flowing

The ‘superman’ back part doesn’t really do anything, so I started to get into that superman position first and hold it till it burns, then start doing the overall exercise, but it still doesn’t feel like it does much for the back. Overall thought its great to get blood flowing. 10 reps, maybe just about 4 sets a day. Maybe if I get disciplined and do at least 8-10 sets a day I might see results? I donno.

Battlestation. Sometimes I KVM over so that the work laptop is just on it’s own, and my desktop is taking the monitors and peripherals. I do this because sadly (or awesomely?) my home lab is just faster, so I like to work on that in relation to work work.

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I am a terrible human being. Just went on a call right out of bed. No walk, no breakfast, no clothes.

This is the first time since WFH. Needs to be the last one.


dude, that’s the normal situation for me lol


Guess I’m still feeling some obligation. Ownership culture and whatnot xD

Does anyone have a bathrobe with a company logo?

I actively limit myself to attending meetings in my pyamas only on friday.

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