The Work From Home (WFH) Thread

What I’ve started doing now is making a list of things I need and ordering 2x a month. I review everything prior to the order, and it usually goes " I don’t need 30% of this shit"


Most of my impulse buying is movies.

I was declined the Amazon CC. citing not enough history. I’d had a CC for 5 years and an auto loan for 2. :thonk:

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My media impulse is to search my friend’s plex servers.


I unlike most enjoy buying movies to support the ones I like or think I will like. As I dont ever buy movie merch.

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I guess that’s fair. I tend to buy when it’s worth it, but I usually see them in theaters.

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I very rarely do theaters, two tickets + snacks = way more expensive then blu-ray even at launch and I usually wait till like $15 or less

I have friends who are big into theaters.

Not so much this month tho.

Okay, so real talk.

I wonder if these summer releases are going to be pushed back or if they’ll go like straight to netflix for a PPV period or something.

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IF they were smart PPV on their own service. could embed water marks and other tagging that are unique for each user to sue if it gets leaked. Also cut out the movie theaters. Launch along side theaters later for like $20-30 for 48hr access

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If porn can’t even figure that shit out, hollywood can’t.

I suppose the issue is that it could easily send theaters out of business.

Think about it, $30 for 48hr access?

you and 3 others and you come out ahead of even crappy theaters.

Then you’d also get the benefit of pausing when your gf has to pee.

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Eh just make them no where near as large.

I suppose.

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I hate that term. It sounds better than what it actually is, a 5% discount. Also thats 95% cash not getting back at you.


Yeah but the 95% is exchanged for the item. Since my sales tax is 6% it drops it to 1% sales tax.

Ikea’s Markus chairs have quite a good reputation and are quite a bit more affordable than most “ergo” chairs you’ll find (and more ergonomic than a bunch of them too). Probably won’t last as long as the expensive ones, at least, you’d hope so…

Found that out when I went looking for a new chair now that mine is starting to go (must be nearing 10 years old now). Most of the good ones are just stupendously expensive, so back to Ikea I’ll go (or just somehow refurbish this one’s cushion)

A friend of mine could exchange two days of vacation for a standing desk and one day of vacation for a good office chair. You bet every trainee ordered both.

I got my office chair from a office furniture store. They had like three of each chair, mine was a special offer and they had like 150 of it in the back.


If you did it, tell us how it went, I’d like to know if youtube works on a 4K screen with 720p video playback without (too many) frame drops. Also try the Youtube with VLC network streaming if it a browser doesn’t work too well (I’d prefer Firefox, do not feel like touching chromium). A Kodi YouTube plugin would probably be the best, but not gonna request it if you don’t want to. Your experience may influence my purchasing decisions.

I’m a laptop pleb, I built a semi-standing desk with 2 ikea lacks (just glued the 2 feet together to make a taller one and only used one table top). I can use it both in a standing position and on a slightly taller chair, works out quite nicely (and it’s dirt cheap). I also built a Lack Rack holding 4x 2U server cases with 3 desktop components inside them (one being my pfSense box), 2 small UPSes, my ISP’s router and my wireless AP, but that would be a story for another time. And whenever I want to lay back on my chair, I got an ikea Brada laptop stand that I use between my chair’s armrests. Of course, cheap doesn’t mean it looks too good (I mean, it’s decent), but it does the job.

If you got a desktop, you could probably get away with just a Brada and a normal desk, with a raised monitor (or a tall monitor stand). Whenever you want to stand, just put your keyboard and mouse on the Brada and you’re good to go.

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I’m a fan of DIY, but I don’t have space (really crowded in my studio apartment). If I had problems, I’d go to a car graveyard, get a quality chair and DIY a stand for it, they are made so you can drive for hours, they actually work great as a chair desk (and you may find them for almost free or free). My future setup, if I’m going to have a desk at all, will have a car chair. Otherwise, if I’m going the slightly minimalist route, I will get a coffee table and a bean bag.

From this and my previous comments, you probably realized I’m a man with low time preference and a cheapskate (well, it ends up working well for the environment, but I don’t actually care about that), so I’m ok with building stuff out of junk.

Now is a good ‘another time’. I like racks, and lack racks.

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