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The Work From Home (WFH) Thread

If you only have a regular desk, don’t forget to stand up from time to time. Once you work from home, it’s tempting to go straight from work to gaming at the end of your working day, whereas in normal circumstances you’d at least have the opportunity to stretch your legs a bit while walking the distance to the car.

I set up a 60 minute timer on my phone. That was all I needed to actually start using the desk as intended.

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It’s hard finding a desk I like, and the prices get crazy quickly.

Should just stop over thinking it and buy a kitchen table to use. :slight_smile:

Thats what I did. I had the standing table and it wasn’t big enough and I hardly used it standing. I went with the youtube randomfrankp type Ikea setup of simply using their drawers combined with kitchen wooden table top material. A lot of desk for the money.

Yeah, but think of it as a 10 year investment in quality of life.

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I’ll have to try that.

Ethics and high standards were talked about in that vid but someone leaked it to YouTube, that sucks…

*Edit, her name is thrown out too. Oh man her social media is going to be found and made famous…

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I would add to that: just stay at your damn desk when in a conference call.

Some form of work schedule that includes “standups” where you update others on what you’re doing also really helps to stay “on track” when working from home.

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Add to the add, maybe dependent on company culture but my coworkers wouldn’t freak out if you mention ‘AFK for two minutes’

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Current background tunes so far:
Daft Punk- Aerodynamic, Digital Love, One More Time etc
Random free-be stuff from youtube channels I like

Might dip into chilled cow later

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My two go-tos


That second link has a YouTube channel and I love the girl and the cat lol.

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I believe chilled cow

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Is anyone else’s work doing things like these social video rooms you can pop in and out of?

No, but that’d be a great idea.

I know someone else’s company is doing this in the U.K. like a always running meeting you can drop in and out just to chat and say hi.

We have one as well apparently.

We’re also doing yoga classes via online meeting I think twice a week…

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I swear by on the pomodoro technique! You just need a timer! Theres even a gnome extension for that.

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This is likely to last 4-6 months. Make sure you’re comfortable. Also, nobody got their setup perfect on day 1, change it as you discover what works for you.

If you have more than 1 person WFH, have dedicated setups. Take a laptop and/or have meetings from your phone around the house if needed, but don’t expect to share a setup effectively, it doesn’t work.

Remember to stretch regularly.

Hidrate. Keep a drink mat on desk, that way you have a constant reminder to get water or tea (beer or coffee or whiskey or g&t while working are ok, sometimes even necessary, heh, but have some water once in a while too).

If you have sticky notes, use sticky notes one for each work stream. If not, use software for it. The task granularity will vary depending on work stream, and you. (5/15min, or whole day per line on sticky note).

The fact you’re working from home and aren’t getting kicked out of the meeting room by someone else doesn’t mean you should make the meetings longer.

Block off calendar time to focus on projects, feel free to move the blocks around if get distracted or can’t make those.

It’s important to be honest with yourself how you spend the time and calendaring can help you.


I’ve been working from home for about 4 years now. I probably only leave home 3-4 times a month. So the whole quarantine thing is just another day for me.


damn I sound like a NEET.


Nah. If not for church and gf, I would probably only be out 3-4x a month as well.