The Weirdest problem ever... Video Card vs Wifi

Ok so im hoping someone can help with this because i dont know what else to do.  I recently bought a r9 270x asus directcuII version and installed the card in my computer.  So i get drivers and such and mess around a bit but this whole time my wife is cussing at the internet and im like what is going on.  So i start up diablo 3 and she comes over to reset the modem because she is telling me the internet is out and im like no its not because i wouldnt be able to play this if it wasnt on.  So i finish about 5 minutes later and turn off diablo and all the sudden her internet comes back.  Long story short if i put any kind of load on this card it makes every wireless device in my house disconnect from my router.  I am wired to it so i am not effected.  I literally sat here a minute ago and starrted a benchmark and it kicked her off the net.  The second i exited the benchmark her internet came back as well as my cellphones.  I cannot find an article on the internet anywere on what the hell is going on.  I tried unplugging myself from the router to make sure some kind of signal wasnt being sent back through my cable to the router but to no avail it still went out when i started the benchmark.  I also tried to plug the router into a different wall outlet and that didnt work either.  i am at a complete loss please help me someone.

Sounds like your card is creating noise at the same frequency as your wifi.  You could try using something like NetStumbler to see if switching to a different channel could help, but chances are if this is the cause, the interference will be too strong/wide for that to make any difference. A few apps here to have a crack with anyway:


If this is what's happening, there's no reason the card should be pumping out that much interference anyway, I'd RMA it.

i changed the channel on the router right after posting this and that actually worked.  I have never heard of this happening and it is really weird but everything seems to be fine now