“The Wanganui Computer”

Here in New Zealand in the town where I live is a big white concrete building down by the river in town. This building is now a law firm but back in the day this building contained a Sperry Mainframe.

Said mainframe was owned and operated by the police and held information on pretty much everyone in the country.

As to be expected nobody trusts governments and it was highly controversial.

So much so that back in the 80’s a guy made a home made bomb and tried to blow up the building. All he successfully did however was blow himself up and cause a big mess to be cleaned up.

Here are some fun reads on the subject. I’ll add more info in time.




It was a sad case. I worked with someone, into punk, who knew the bomber personally, and on hearing the news, not identifying the bomber, immediately feared it was his friend.
His friends were adamant he was not a nutter, but I can’t help suspecting drug induced psychosis.

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A fellow Kiwi? Awesome. Glad to see another New Zealander.

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