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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



Definitely possible!

I think I have four year old… Arctic Silver? CoolJag… on my CPU/H100i V2 right now. Temps are fine there but I bet coverage isn’t spectacular.


I will use MX-4 till I run out. Kryonaut takes me a month to get, or I have to pay crazy shipping and/ or pricing from an online shop in US. No one in Canada sells it that I am aware of.

Just heat it prior to using, much easier.


I got mine from Amazon on a whim when I was considering putting my 480 on an NZXT G12… which I need to sell now because I’ll never use it.


That is where I got mine. der8auer sure makes it look easier than it is, I wonder how much or long he heated it to get it to work like it does:


Jensen Huang is going to have a shit fit. New driver coming down the pipe…


Hadn’t seen that, and mine is still in the sealed envelope. I suspect soaking it in hot water does a good job of heating the stuff and keeping it reasonably saturated during the application period.


I just put the syringe in the hotest water I could get out of the tap and left it in for 3 minutes. Worked good out of the gate, but covering Threadripper’s large surface, or even the 64s with the HBM2 added surface, the paste cooled before completion. Which was ok, but not optimal.


The stuff just doen’t reflect light very well and on a high contrast, low key exposure like this it looks black as if there was nothing. Trust me, it is there. :wink:

For thermal paste I’m probably going to use the one from Intel.
I’ve heard so much great things about it lately.

Or not.

I use the IC-Diamond stuff for all my CPUs and since it is non conductive I don’t see a reason not to use it for Vega as well. Not sure about method, was thinking about the Jayz2Cents version. …

Yup, looking good. :+1: :poop:


i assume its mostly due to FP16 support.
There are 2 other games coming out with support for it: Aymmdstein 2, and NvidiotCry 5
both titles should give amd lead.


I will take your word for it…

Interesting thermal paste technique. Let me know how it turns out…:joy:

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is working great on mine.



It is basically impossible to use the standard baseplate without heavy mods. I went with those included heatsinks. It is not ideal and certainly not the prettiest heatsink array but it is all I can do. Unfortunately I don’t have more separate heatsinks, so that is all the cooling I can provide right now. I guess it’s ok … I hope.

Thanks AMD for that gap on the PCB where the original fan was, my cable-mess fits right in.

And there she is, that hungry, heavy, fat bitch of a Vega64.

I haven’t stress tested the card yet but it posts.
So far for now. Now back to building other stuff.

Morpheus II GPU heatsink

Noticed this yesterday on Newegg. no more forced bundle. /CHEER


Hurry! Sale ends in six days!!


Turns out I got a nicely potted package.


I really hope to see at least a concept drawing from Sapphire soon™




Do you have a way to check whether the HBM stacks are parallel with the die or not? That would be the only important feature in this case IMO.


As far as I know there is no way to check if you have the molded or unmolded version without taking the cooler of.

What performance inprovements could we expect from the 12nm chips coming next year btw? Or will it only be slightly less power consumption?


It is a thing of beauty :smiley:


And only 4 slots wide, just about adequate for a Vega card.