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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



That’s because the memory stacks on VEGA are operating half-bitrate to the HBM found on Fury. Meanwhile the TitanXP is getting a boost from the additional memory IC’s; an intrinsic benefit of extra MemIC’s is the added bandwidth(384bit, vs 256bit found on the 1080).

Hopefully we’ll begin seeing people push the memory clocks on VEGA, once proper cooling/tweaking is figured out. I have a feeling that the VEGA arch will hugely benefit from faster memory vs boosting the GPU


Interesting. Any idea why they operate at half bit-rate?
Any chance later versions of Vega cards or revisions of Vega architecture prior to Navi could fix this?



It’s not like AMD can keep it’s employees in stasis pods for 2 years


Hate to see the numbers now…


Here is a detailed plan of what AMD has to do and it is 10 seconds long.


Not entirely… I’m sort of shooting from the hip in regards to HBM2.

What I do know is Fury had four low density stacks(each stack contains 4x 256MB dies). Essentially 16 memory dies; each with a bus width of 256bits(giving us that super-wide 4096bit bus).

What I suspect with RX VEGA is, they’re working with two stacks of 4 dies(a total of 8). Each die with the same 256bit bus, but since you’ve halved the stacks, they’ve essentially halved the total throughput…
However, if one manages to push the memory clocks to 1GHz, they’ve essentially reached parity with Fury’s HBM total bandwidth.

That said, there’s hope that we might be able to push the memory well past 1GHz; the trick will be keeping the dies cool…


Really really close to just deciding on getting a 1080 and calling it a day

Vega is a mess :frowning:

The more video’s I watch about it the more depressed I get.

I don’t want to do it as I dislike nvidia, however I am not that much of a fan boy that I will throw good money at crap.

I will not reward failure.

I will tough it out with my 390x 8gb (slumming it :smiley: ) for a little longer to see what partner cooling solutions are like and then make my decision then.


they should add miner’s gpu’s % on the market to it.


Yeah, that slide is from before fiji, before polaris and before ethereum. So… basically useless.

Well then don’t do that? :thinking:

Right now there isn’t anything you can do except wait for Vega56 and partner cards. And even then it will probably be overpriced for a while. If price to performance in games for windows is your priority and you are fine with buying into a closed ecosystem, then Vega simply won’t make sense for you. Not now and not in a few weeks.


how long till mining hits a wall and I can buy a cheap card. Bitcoin seems to be forking the forks.


Just buy a 1080.

I just bought a 1080 Ti and my wife a 1080 replacing dual 390s and a Fury respectively. Been incredibly happy with them. Vega’s prices and performance just make it a no go

Seriously, I don’t like nVidia either but I couldn’t buy a worse card for more money just to support another company. It is silly. Buy what is best for you


@Marten etherium is basically already there too… the constant rate and pool difficulty mean any realistic power price sees cards making a loss. They are planning to move away from mining as a generation source, but for now people are still mining because they predict (read hope) the currency will increase in value before they sell it, which basically is the same game as buying the currency outright.

@noenken it may be a while before the vega56 drops back to a sensible price due to its crazy power efficiency in floating point. It does better than any other announced card in single precision flops at only 20w per megaflop, compared to the 22.34 for the air cooled vega64 and 22.35 for gtx1080ti. That puts it at even less than the titan Xp or commercial cards for this purpose, so if the TPD can be belived it’ll be a miners, folders and other floating ponit compute freind for a while to come.


I just cant help to say it was mentionned as 499 and not 449 like he said in the video lmao


Drops? It isn’t available yet at all.


Well then I have to mention that he has a very not 'murican accent. :wink:


Last time it took about a year i think…


I think mining is something gamers have to get used to (and manufacturers as well); sure there will be ups and downs and the gaming market will be a lot more predictable than the mining market, but I do believe that miners will be there for a while.
I’m still thinkin about grabbing a Vega56 aftermarket card, but I’m not entirely sure though. My 390 runs rather well…


Gut feeling or do you have something to back this statement up? I think the mining craze is mostly based on thin air and given the lack of increase in production capacity by foundries I think they feel the same way.


I think there is a certain appeal to cryptocurrencies in general, the part of being nation and bank independant for instance. Sure, one could argue that Bitcoin is in Chinese hands, but there are also countless more-or-less successful alternatives. Ethereum being one of those. In a way crptos empower the people by taking power from banking institutes. (That being said, I am aware of certain shortcomings of these cryptos).

The reason that manufactures haven’t reacted (yet) is that these production roadmaps are planned in advance and it is hard for AMD and Nvidia to satisfy this unreasonable high demand. Furthermore, miner will sell these cards as soon as either mining stops being profitable, or a better model is available. This floods the market with older GPUs which hurts the manufacturers again. (Aside from that, it is a lot harder to predict the GPU demand of miners than gamers. Therefore I assume AMD and Nvidia want to be on the safer side of the spectrum).