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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



How can you still not get it? It doesn’t matter, you can’t buy a standalone card. Which effectively drives the price up 100,- bucks for stuff most people don’t want to pay anything for. In my case here in Germany Sniper Elite 4 and Prey.

When AMD says “King of GPUs under 399,-” and so on, then I expect that to be available. It might be slightly higher, it might be a lot higher. But it isn’t even there.

And the statement regarding the retail situation is as vague as possible. That speaks volumes.

Edit: I just checked Alternate, Mindfactory and Caseking again. They don’t even list Vega without a bundle. The MSRP for a product you can not buy is pretty pointless, don’t you think?


Newegg has the Sapphire 64 black up again in stock… $689.00 USD… ouch. While it lasts.

Sapphire seems to be better at restocking Newegg.


Yes i do think so, and whatever the price as i stated before its being sold as if its out-of-stock.

in terms of @Raziel and MSRP; rx480 had set price (there was no talk about MSRP at all for rx480), in terms of vega there was. Plenty of it.


I’ll just drop this here…

Btw, @noenken has a single vega 64 for 699,- and in stock it seems



Thanks for that. Now cleaning coffee off my monitor. That made me choke and cough… yikes.

I did see one on Amazon for $1349.99 CAD, one left so hurry… laughed my ass off.

#626 was actually the store where I bought my Sapphire Vega64 Limited bundle with Sniper Elite 4 and Prey because it was 649,- so same price as the black standard edition. But I’ll have to talk to them about where my game codes are… maybe I can get at least some money back from that shit.


My apologies, I’ll post a warning next time. Worst thing is this is one of the bigger webshops in the country.

@noenken you lucky man. Chances of spotting a unicorn shitting vega gpus are higher than seeing a vega card plus goodies for that price ever again.


Oh, availability of the bundles is not a problem, there are Vega64 cards in stock at all three mentioned retailers. Just not even a listing for a standalone card. That is why I bought the limited. Also it is another indicator for AMD being the one at fault here in terms of pricing.


If that is Euros, I feel bad. I was bitching and paid less… considerably.

I bitched at Newegg and this was their response:

My question: It was very disappointing to see the price gouging by newegg Canada on RX Vega 64. It was $75.00 more than what it should have been. Even your newegg US site listed proper pricing so why not newegg Canada?

This will be taken into consideration when doing more purchasing going forward.

Their answer: Thank you for contacting Newegg.

Thanks for your feedback. Sometimes prices are different on Newegg US and Newegg Canada. There are 3 reasons:

  1. Different countries have different currency so the price of the same product is different.

  2. Sometimes there are special promotions on our website, so the price will be cheaper.

  3. All of our product inventories and pricing are determined collectively by our Marketing and Purchasing Departments due to various circumstances. Industry prices fluctuate so often and in accordance with evolving technologies and the nature of supply and demand, our price is posted in real time. At this time, this information is not passed onto Customer Service, and we are unable to provide information for this particular inquiry.

In most cases, the item price is changed in a timely manner.

  1. I already took into consideration and allowed for.
  2. Both sites had same promotion so doesn’t apply.
  3. Supply and demand have no influence on product launch because demand is an unknown variable to supply. How do Marketing and Purchasing collectively determine pricing in real time?

All BS and equals price gouging. All Canadian etailers went online with pricing at the same time. They were in $10 CAD of one another.

Newegg’s pricing is all over the place now, from $840 to $909 CAD. I can buy it right now at another etailer for $850.

These are pack pricing, so two games. I have yet to see a stand alone card. Keep forgetting to mention that.


It is but that price already includes taxes. I think that is different on your side, right?


Yep. It was. $881.99 CAD includes tax. Converted to Euros is 594.09.

I am lucky to live in a province with no sales tax. Just GST which is a federal tax.




I honestly don’t want to click on any of his videos anymore if he insists on being overly hyperbolic in his reactions to pricing inconsistencies.

Also this was interesting to see:


I criticized Jayz2cents on twitter and got banned months ago. I’ve not missed much. He is such a pretender.


See I don’t see him as a actual shill or colluding in some kind of conspiracy… I think he just isn’t good at putting his personal bias aside and doesn’t keep a sock in it when he gets a personal reaction. These are all good reasons not to follow him on twitter ect, but his actual how to’s ect are perfectly fine if thats the content you want.


Sapphire card available for pre-order again… Black card for LE price…


Ironically he is saying that he was wrong on his tweets and explains how the situation actually thinks it is.


Well that’s good to hear, maybe I’ll watch it later.


@flazza Thank you, for the link. The comparison charts to Pascal Tesla (P100) are especially interesting.

Speculation that Nvidia Volta will still use GDDR:
Motley Fool: Why NVIDIA Corporation’s Volta Gaming Products Won’t Use HBM2

Reading the above, I wonder if the High Bandwidth Cache Controller requires HBM or will it also work with GDDR? The article above mentions the use of HBM2 increasing memory bandwidth and efficiency, but I suspect that the memory latency is where the real difference between HBM2 and GDDR6 will be.

  • Nvidia Pascal works with GDDR and HBM.
  • Nvidia Volta will also work with both, if this article is to be believed.
  • AMD Vega and Navi will work only ell with HBM, assuming both:
    • their architectures are inseparable from the HBCC
    • the HBCC requires HBM due to its lower latency

So assuming that games eventually do optimise for HBM and/or the HBCC AMD is stuck selling cards where a large part of the cost (HBM) will only be useful to the consumer in the future.

Nvidia seems to have no plans for consumer card HBM and is willing to sell GDDR cards for the time being, making higher profit due to GDDR’s lower cost to manufacture.

So AMD seems to be betting on a future where HBM2 is game-engine-relevant, while Nvidia is not, but has the option to switch to HBM2 if that future comes about. Maybe Nvidia will suffer in this case without a HBCC, but they might have something comparable now or by then.

However, the worst case scenario would be that the pricing bait and switch on Vega56 and Vega64 drives away enough buyers that game developers never program for HBCC or HBM.

^ If Vega/Navi cannot use GDDR

Also, can anyone make sense of these memory bandwidths:

  • Radeon Instinct - MI125 (HBM2 - 484 GB/s) src
  • Tesla - P100 (HBM2 - 732 GB/s) src
  • Titan Xp (GDDR5x - 547.7 GB/s) src

Why does HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory 2) have less bandwidth than GDDR5x on the Titan Xp?


I think that when HMB’s time comes Nvidia will just switch to it. Sure, AMD GPUs might be better at this point, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying Nvidia before and I doubt it will after. Which is why, this is a win-win situation for Nvidia. Without HBM they just generate more profit…