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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



If you are talking to me, I do.

AMD still has shit on their hands though. They knew the MSRP they stated was temporary and offered rebates to retails to hit MSRP on limited quantities. A company must maintain a certain profit margin to be sustainable. RX Vega cost is too high to sell at AMD’s stated MSRP.


i think you miss the idea of MSRP. MSRP doesn’t guarantee a price or range of it. AMD has already sold the cards to AIB partners - even before delivering them - (same as nvidia does, unless they sell them directly). The cost from AMD side does not change dynamically as it does for consumer. This is not amd trying to hit profit margin, this is AIB’s trying to profit as much as they can from hype, and lack of stock.
(sometimes stock is there, but AIB partners do not sell them right away - for profit.)



Nope, that game bundle bullshit and basically not offering the card alone is on AMD.
The AIBs are forced to go with it if they want to stay partnered.


I would say it is retailers doing that, not AIB partners. Newegg sold the black pack for 599.99 USD at launch, but for $656.00 USD (converted from CAD) in Canada. Same AIB. Ships from same warehouse.

Newegg even tried to screw me out of the games. I noticed them taken out of my cart just as I was clicking to finalize order.

After purchase I sat thinking for 20 minutes on canceling and going with 1080 Tis.


true, but its not like gigabyte or others with whom the bundles deals have been set up don’t profit from it. They do. AIB are not forced - as you can get cards alone, even liquid one. They are expensive but exist.


its hard with current retailers as they give plenty of power to seller. ex. Amazon seller can set their own price, newegg also has it - yet they still do have some powers to rise prices if they want.


AMD supplied the cards for AIBs, to be sold at agreed price points. AIBs do not have free reign, they have to tow the line.

Don’t you find it suspicious that there where no Asus cards at launch?


That’s not quite how it goes, as I understand it – AIBs are required to sell the first batches only to ‘launch partners’, which are chosen by AMD. The latter only get a rebate if they stick to the agreed-upon launch price.


Not in Germany. Mindfactory, one of the biggest hardware retailers here, got 60 standalone cards on day one. That’s it.
That is a placebo and the MSRP is effectively a lie. Nothing else.


No, i do not find it suspicious.
they do have free reign if AMD gives MSRP instead of hard-lock price. – they did have hard-lock price for a month on rx480 launch.


i advise anyone who thinks AMD is charging them extra or whatever to read definition of MSRP. If product has MSRP from manufacturer it means its only suggesting the price - its on AIB and shops to give their own pricing.

AMD likely sold vega’s to AIB’s for 300$ for 64, and 400 for AIO liquid one.



Of course MSRP reads that way, it’s all due to legalities. If it did not read that way it would illegal in most countries as price fixing. That does not mean manufacturers don’t do it all the time.


price fixing was done on rx480 as i mentioned before. Were everyone was forced to sell at specific price. In terms of vega this hasn’t been done.


Let me guess, they called it MSRP…


No, it was called fixed price.

you cannot find MSRP anywhere on any slides from AMD on rx480 launch with MSRP in them.


Nor on RX Vega 64.


actually on rx vega they did, they added month ‘Sep’ and star, and T&C apply to specific regions. Where it states those are MSRP prices; and everyone knew to call it MSRP instead of fixed price like in rx480 case. – even so rx480 was on fixed price for month or little while longer - then prices went into MSRP.


As I stated before: AMD called it SEP, not MSRP.


then people who were reporting on pricing misled the public. AMD was clear those were MSRP prices - and stated in T&C.


@noenken and @CyklonDX

They used the same “SEP” term for the RX 480. In a press release, “The $199 starting SEP for select Radeon RX Series GPUs is an integral part of AMD’s strategy”