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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



not much to show for it on the gaming consumer side, perhaps. Not so when it comes to the other products that include Vega64 chips. :slight_smile:


JayzTwoCent threw a tantrum over vega… Is bashing vega the new cool kids thing now?


Its not really about Vega, its about telling reviewers on thing while actually planning to do another. Honestly people will get over it, just as they did back in the day with intels “engineering samples” that got different performance to the retail products they where supposed to represent (normally based around clock speed). Don’t get me wrong, its dirty and an underhand way to do business, but I don’t think its worth a public tantrum over, and is hardly a unique idea.


AMD made a dick move, but that’s no reason to stop recommending their products. As a reviewer your job is to recommend good products, not those of companies that haven’t pissed you off. Besides, it’s not like nvidia is not a dick company either. Maybe he should push intel graphics from now on.

Reviewers also avoid naming prices in their reviews because they are subject to change. Now AMD changes prices and they are pissed. Good job.


Ah well… seems like Jay is pissed about something… again.


Jay pulled the same shit over ThermalTake and its case design being too close to another’s. So he “boycotts” ThermalTake.

The guy is way too high on himself. However he does have a point. RX Vega 64 release makes me think something is rotten in Denmark. AMD, the retailers are both knee deep in shit on this one.


To be fair, Thermaltake did blatantly copy a whole range of products. And then sued complaining companies.


I did not mean to come across as judging what ThermalTake did or did not do. Was just relating to Jay’s ego.


Not gonna lie, AMD made either made some severe miscalculations on their part (most likely scenario), or the retailers gouging the GPUs screwed them over, or they are being dishonest and screwing over people themselves.

With the price of VRAM like GDDR and HBM (HBM is already expensive) going up and other factors, it’s no wonder they couldn’t launch the GPU at $500 like they wanted to. Shows that Vega was doomed to fail against Pascal too though in this case, as Vega 64 performance was above it’s efficiency peak (It wasn’t efficient as it could be) and overvolted. Vega 56 sadly might not go at $400 at launch in this case.


FeelsBad, I did buy a Thermaltake Computer Case, but damnit I needed a case that can fit my big ass PSU.


The fact is he never threw a tantrum for the GTX 970’s memory situation back then, he never came close to cutting off nvidia like hes doing with radeon now. Kind of hard to trust him with anything anymore…


Maybe so although the GTX 970 was a good card regardless, the R9 390 managed to age better (kind of in part why I chose the R9 390 over the GTX 970).

Didn’t he also recommend an R9 390?


Yeah, he recommended the 390. More VRAM, comparable performance


This. Precisely.

Only difference is that AMD used the reviewers to lie to the customers and Nvidia did that on their own. So I get why he is pissed. But maybe that is a lesson for all reviewers not to use their stupid clickbait “Is it worth it?” titles.


Chances are slim to none but I would love it if someone in the tech industry could do a tear down on this

I mean, I would like to see how similar the pcb, components are to desktop vega

if its virtually identical (except headerless) then it just means that 56/64 were the ones that didnt make the binning cut for power efficiency… which would explain why their power usage is so kray kray.


I don’t have the skills needed to break that down as you hope, but the 300w TDP and flops (single and otherwise) are identical to claimed on Vega64… in other words there isn’t better power efficiency defined in the envelop of the instinct.

Also the reason it runs so hot is because AMD is pushing the voltages high to try get more clockspeeds, thus performance. To launch your flagship watercooled card and have it give worse performance than its competitors flagship gaming gtx1080ti (which has been on the market almost 6 months already, so is halfway to seeing its replacement) is not what AMD would have hoped. Its still a better card for some applications, and price depending (its still moving too much and far above the target MSRP) for gaming, but it explains why AMD engineers would squeeze all the performance they can instead of chasing power numbers.

Also 1.3x the performance of the tesla is claimed, for 1.2x the power draw, so its actually actually still a net win as it is, I’m sure you could improve the performance per watt further with a mild down-clock though, I just don’t know how many applications where the lower performance per dollar investment AND per rack space is going to justify that but not be willing to change the factory settings themselves (AMD themselves may even have different bios’s depending on your application).


This whole cost thing has backfired on AMD. The official pricing put the 1070 and 1080 in vega’s sites and the AiB cards could have been good value. Since then the pricing has rocketed on the reference card and the whole point outside of Linux is mute. Does not seem like AMD are even talking to put a case forward.


why should they?, There’s no stock.
All of it likely went to AIB’s for non-reference cards now anyway, and its up to them to charge whatever they want. + shops can make their own price - thats what amd means by giving MSRP price, it is just a recommended price - it allows shops to sell it cheaper if they want or not. Price would mean something if cards were actually available to grab, in stock. They aren’t there, so if you are normal human being you couldn’t buy one anyway.

All this whining about pricing right now, makes no sense. Worst part is they attack amd for price in shops - here’s great example of MSRP:

msr 10 hunter MSRP is $1481 – savage recommended price
different shops will have different prices on the product
like here: – $1159
(and i’m positive you could find a shop that tries to sell it for 1500 or more.) In our case here whats happening they are calling out savage for the price in that shop that tries to sell it for 1500+, not that shop.

and thats all i wanted to state regardless all this price nonsense. Its up to shop and seller to decide how expensive is the card going to be. To maximize the profit. AMD doesn’t directly sells those GPU’s to customers.

Blame those shops that try to sell it for bigger price. Don’t blame the manufacturer.


Although difficult. They can be found. Newegg had the Sapphire black up for a whole day before it sold out at an exuberant $689.99 USD.

I can buy Gigabyte Black at my local brick and mortar right now for $665.00 USD (converted from CAD).

They are not plentiful by no means, but can be found.


but you do understand my point on MSRP right?