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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion




So it is true. The 499,- price is a placebo and you might as well play the lottery instead of trying to find a standalone Vega. I just read that mindfactory, one of the biggest retailers in Germany, had 60 cards that were not bundled up with stuff.

Effectively 499,- is a lie.
Thanks AMD.


GN mentions that HBM is really expensive right now. Is this tied to the NAND shortage at all. Or is it different?


One would think it’s connected to the DRAM fabs, not NAND.


Ah, ok. I didn’t know the difference between DRAM, VRAM, and solid state storage. Or if they were tied to one another.



So more stock coming at $635 CAD ($499 USD)? Why are prices creeping up then? They opened here at $839 CAD which is $75 CAD more than game pack MSRP of $759 CAD. Now the MSI version is $909 CAD?


Because AMD can’t control retailers or board partners?


And because people are still buying them at the higher prices anyway.


I get that AMD can’t control retailers and people are still buying them.

Here is the thing. At launch, especial newegg , of any product they follow MSRP. Gouging due to supply and demand comes after. Never at launch.


I didnt see that when pascal came out but I might not have been paying close enough attention.


That settles it.

These cunts can fuck off and die.


I didn’t go for Pascal, so I did not notice either. But Threadripper launched at MSRP, and now is $50 more. ROG Zenith was MSRP and even though sold out at launch, is back in stock at MSRP.


TR 1920X is still MSRP in the states, although yes it appears that the 1950X is $30 up, but Amazon still has it at MSRP but OOS. I don’t know if anyone was expecting how popular an expensive HEDT CPU was going to be at a reasonable price.


My RX Vega 64 arrived today.

Newegg is trying to screw me out of the two games, online with them now… bastards.

I don’t own any games and haven’t played games in years, but I was going to give them a try. Seeing that I had to pay a premium for the package I better damn well get them.

Update: they said my purchase did not come with the games, even though the avert clearly shows it does. Had game code by email in 10 minutes after I told them I would ship everything back. Threadripper, Asus Zenith, 960 Pros, 64GB memory and so on… including the RX Vega 64. Also closing my account.


I feel like Newegg has been getting worse over the last year or so. They used to be golden but if Amazon steps up their custom searches for PC hardware I sure won’t look back.


don’t close it, you might need them for warranty :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, they’re like that towards a lot of customers, these days.


I do use Amazon, but Amazon in Canada did not do Threadripper preorders …


Moot point. Sapphire will not warranty the card once I remove the cooling solution for a waterblock.

Does anybody know if XFX will warraty? Tthat is my other card. Tried to get MSI but never even saw them available. They went on sale in the US for a few minutes before Canada so I think stock was depleted before available.


Made me a 4K wallpaper. Feel free to use.


Photography from the community

Any way you could get the full GPU for 11520x2160 cause that would look great on my surround.