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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



I mean, the prices were going to be fucked anyway.


It’s a shame about the game performance being somewhat lackluster, but this isn’t rocket science – chip is just too big to be that much cheaper than a 1080ti. So sales will likely suck, but that’s still better than losing money on each sale.

The ‘launch sale’ was a way to throw a bone to the fans* (who happened to live in a relevant country), while the ‘packs’ are similarly a way to appease people who want a Vega card badly enough. And all of that probably because they fucked up something related to the memory bandwidth, because of which the cards are bottle-necking really badly. Hope they have been able to work around it in time for the APUs…

(* Yeah, misleading pricing info sucks, but what seems to me more relevant is the fact that we live in a world in which recording favorable soundbites for promotional materials (for investors) is deemed more important than not misleading customers.)


They got gold awards from reviewers for good price/perf ratio. A shame it only was a small amount of cards for one day. And who updates reviews anyway?



It’s not much better in Southern California. I pay $0.21 kW/hr for tier 1 but that’s only for 339 kw. Tier 2 goes up to $0.43 which I broke into after the first week and half of this billing cycle.


Cali is some of the most expensive electricity in the US though, iirc it brings up the average quite a bit. Ironically they also have the most tesla drivers.


Yeah, I’m figuring that out. I’ve only lived out here since last November. In Texas, I could sign a 12 month contract for $0.09 to $0.12 kW/hr. This place is ridiculous. They really hike the price up in the summer. It’s a lot cheaper in the winter months even though there’s not much of a winter here.


Oh wow – a model S uses ~5MWh for 20Mm? So proud of my measly 2.5kWh/y residential use now. :stuck_out_tongue:


9c is high in most of texas for residential


This was in Houston a couple of years ago. I don’t know what the rates would be in other areas.
I decided to go with a 1080ti partly because of the power draw and retail pricing of VEGA now. I’ve been running 2 Fury X cards and I had 3 R9 290’s in Texas. I was pulling almost 1100 watts from wall playing Battlefield with the 290’s. I had to go with best single card performance this time since good multi-gpu support is starting to vanish into the ether and become even more rare than it was before.


Same here. We said fuck it and got solar about 2 years ago. So happy we did, it’s nearly paid itself off already.


… yeah, uhm… Vega.


I think Buildzoid basically nailed whats happening w/ vega (timestamped)

More or less quoting (i just mean that i may not have quoted it perfectly word for word)
“Its ultimately demand driven pricing at this point, unless AMD suddenly manages to make like 10X more GPUs, its going to be more expensive than whatever AMD says the pricing is supposed to be[…] so AMD GPU prices are all over the place.”


Like I’ve been saying for weeks.


I like Buildzoid but he isn’t in direct contact with AIB partners and retailers like GN is. The reason why cards are as expensive as they are is AMD told a big fat lie.


In the days leading up to the release, a product manager for one of the big 5 AIB partners intimated that margins as they were, were shit, and that AIB prices would have to be substantially higher than the reference launch price, primarily because of Vega’s (stupid) Turbo Mode, which makes just about 0 sense performance-wise, and its conservative default stock voltage. So this may also serve to soften the blow wrt their release, hopefully next month.

That aside, while the +100 MSRP sort of sucks, it’s an open question as to how much it matters in practice, as it’s impossible to say whether/how much the combination of low supply and high demand would’ve affected the price without this hike – it may well have gone up just as much, except now with the distributors and retailers pocketing the difference.


The problem I have with GN is the same problem I have with AdoredTV. Both sometimes just make facts out of thin air! Both mostly within reason and mostly with accurate outcome, but still.
“Some insider was quoted” makes the following statement null and void.
I would not trust Steve on anything without confirmation from elsewhere.


Sounds BS to me.

OK, I can do that too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since this is about Vega, show me articles that have different information instead of only giving your opinion about GN.


Someone working at some undisclosed AIB Boardpartner said something and we were there to then tell the world. Everyone else is completly clueless but we got inside knowledge!
Sounds trustworthy, doesn´t it?

Not going to write another reply.

That is my point! There is no other claimed-to-be source material on the subject!


Since this is about Vega, show me articles that have different information instead of only giving your opinion about GN.