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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



I am willing to give amd a little leeway with my purchasing decision due to that I will actually benefit from the compute performance and Freesync, however my leeway only goes so far.

the pricing sucks

short answer, if this goes any further south for Amd I will be getting a 1080



Well something is definitely going on at the retailers end. There is no reason why RX Vega is priced at 599.99 USD at yet is $659.99 USD (converted) on

That is total BS. You can look at Threadripper, Asus Zenith Extreme and so on. There is never an extra charge over conversion. That is price gouging by the retailer plain and simple.


because fuck canada I guess

technically not gouging if you’re doing it in different countries, but it’s still pretty egregious price fixing.


Yeah, kind of fuck Germany as well. 609,- Euro is the cheapest you can buy. 649,- for the limited.

I should be getting my leaf blower on friday. (limited for lolz)


Getting bent over and sent to brown town in Australia too. I’ve waited months to rebuild the system I lost this time last year due to asbestos contamination but the performance/value ratio is getting really skewed from the Australia Tax + AMD’s bullshit. I was going to pick up one of those UW Crossover monitors and pair it with a Vega 56 but I can get a 1080 for a little bit more for far better performance. The 1080 will cost less in the long run too due to the high cost of power here.

I’m in Queensland.


christ alive you fucks pay a lot for power.

Seems like you’d have decent nuclear or solar infrastrucure by now with all that desert.


again, probably not AMD. We don’t know enough to say either way, and it’s almost never the highest upstream in products like GPUs just by the nature of their manufacture


I think it’s fuck the rest of the world…

I considered the 1080 Ti when I saw the price of RX Vega 64. The two things that stopped me was 1) for my use case the RX Vega 64 is slightly better and 2) I am already invested in waterblocks for RX Vega. Literally 20 to 30 more USD would have made me buy the 1080Ti. I really wanted to give AMD the chance this time around but I have to say I am not enjoying this experience when it come to the graphics side.


I mean people were already getting hysterical over Vega before AMD did that. Too bad cause AMD ended up giving people a reason to be.


I mean it isn’t hard to sell a couple hundred cards at launch. Vega’s supply was so low is the major factor for it going out of stock early on.


I’ll give you that. Still waiting for AMD’s response though…heh


You would think that. Due to our poor political climate at the moment we don’t really seem to be going anywhere.

Hell even our politicians don’t know if they are Australian or not…



For what it’s worth, price change / AMD subsidy for launch day sales, as reported by Kit Giru, with OCUK’s Gibbs as source

I saw Gibbs basically already said this on the ocuk forum…


LOL, Hardware Unboxed had a video online about the Vega pricing. Steve basically tried to laugh away any concern by pointing at GPU launches in the past and saying “mining makes it worse now but it’s nothing new that prices are inflated”.

Guess what! It’s gone now.

What is going on? o0


Why didn’t they just say that somewhere somebody fudged up the pricing, whether it was AMD itself or if it was a retailer inflating the price or if it was something else that’s happened.

No need to damage control this.


Seems like this is now the way to get some eyes on your twitter…

Unfortunately AMD did not make the launch pricing plan clear at all to the press or the consumer, which has caused a lot of confusion

– OCUK’s Andrew Gibson

Honestly, if this is true and the 399,- / 499,- were placebo prices, then RTG pulled a full fledged Nvidia here. That would be … very disappointing.

#519 has confirmation from, komplett is big online retailer here in Scandinavia and was one of the 27 official launch partners worldwide. Just like OCUK they were instructed to only sell a very limited number of GPUs for the lower price and only for launch day (24 hours). Captain Hook special, as somebody said.