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This was from Steve?


Nope, Joker.


So apparently AMD ships out 2 different vega chips.

Two websites that got review samples ( and compared the additional vega chips they received and noticed they were different. It seems AMD contracts two different companies to process the chips on the interposer. One of these companies polishes the dies and applies glue to the edges, while the other doesn’t. As a result there is a minor difference in height of both chips.

It seems both variants are also actually being shipped out to manufacturers.

Could the different finish on the chips influence the thermals? My gut feeling is the polished one will have (minor) better thermal conductivity.


I think that will be pretty hard to even measure. And depending on how well that glue is transferring heat, it might even be the other way around if any different at all. The important thing is the silicone and because there are no two truly identical chips, it is probably irrelevant.


Totally agree that the difference probably would not be significant in any real-world scenario, but I like to speculate :slight_smile:

The glue could be a bad heat conductor, but on the other hand the polished version will have a smoother surface (= better contact with heatsink?) and is a bit thinner (so the heat reaches the heatsink earlier I think).


I would prefer to know. :wink:
I have great faith in the power of the one true master of thermocouples to provide us with the answer to life, the universe and everything. #steveism


Anyone youtube-dl this? I’m kinda interested to see the video.


Nope, sorry.
Basically he said for current retail prices it is unfair to compare Vega56 to 1070 and Vega64 to 1080.


Fair point. Thanks for the summary.




Unsubstantiated rumor of course. Could easily just be retailers gouging consumers over MSRP.

Bad article here:

For all we know this could be an AMD tactic just to get some cards in the UK, as this is one retailer in one region.

I don’t hold a lot of hope for AMD responding, although I wish they would.


@wendell, this might be interesting for you.

I think either that AMD press slide is incorrect, which would be very very stupid … at best, or the slide is correct and the communication with reviewers was very very stupid … at best.

To me it looks like what we are seeing is exactly how it was intended: Launch the cards with bundle packs for a higher price so that at least some gamers can get a card, then lower the price in september for stand-alone products and hope for AIB partners to get their stuff out the door. At that point the miners come into play.

So I would say this was misinformation of the reviewers and indirectly misinformation of … well, everyone. That is something I really don’t want to see AMD do.


According to his feed, he’s restored it because he hasn’t heard anything from AMD in a couple hours. :roll_eyes:


To be fair, AMD knows at what price the cards are sold for (<- is that english? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and they are being sold for two days now. Also think about it from a reviewers perspective, he made recommendations based on obviously incorrect information.


AMDumb …

They have been getting decent PR and then they pull this pricing stunt. What were they thinking?


“pricing stunt”

AiBs are jacking up prices because they can. MSRP is a suggestion, AMD can’t force them to comply and the shit market gives the AiB partners a lot of leeway.


If you saw various articles it has been said AMD said to raise the prices after a short period of time. AMD very well may be at fault here. AMD also isn’t commenting so that says something.


Based on what’s going on, I’m reserving judgment for a few days until everything settles down and the full picture comes into view.

I’m really only seeing bits and pieces of what’s happening and if I’m honest, it doesn’t look good, but we’ll see what the truth turns out to be.


That is a rumor so far. If it is a rumor then I can see why they are not commenting. Why should they?

That might be true, maybe someone should ask Sapphire?


From what I’ve seen, there’s no primary source to substantiate that rumor. I believe PR reps have been quoted as saying they “can’t hold a gun to their partner’s heads” on pricing the final products.

The reality of the situation is that AMD has very little control over what retailers and their AiB partners do regarding price. If they can gouge, they will gouge.