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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



link leads to empty comparison.



Is it working now?




Oh, damn, Well, there was a comparison between Radeon Vega 10 of the R7 2700U vs R7 Graphics of the A12 9800E. It averaged at more than TWICE the performance of the R7, some tests yielded similar performance, some yielded triple, Tessellation in particular, was 5X the performance (Old GCN struggled with that so it makes sense). If those values hold up, that APU has nearly half (40% at most probably) as much performance as my R9 390.

Edit: Okay, that might be a hyperbole to say it’s near half an R9 390. In fact, it apparently scored lower than GT 1030 although I suspect that’s due to an Engineering Sample with premature drivers (We know how AMD is with early drivers) so that’s not even close to half.


Benchmarks are in the making…


Pretty disappointed that the RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled is only offered in Radeon Aqua pack. I would have picked one of those up if I could get a stand alone gpu. The Radeon pack has no value for me and I’m not going to spend the money an air cooled version unless they guarantee it will hit the same clock speeds as the liquid cooled version once I slap a water block on it. If I’m going to pay $700, I might as well get a 1080ti.


it will. same pcb. wost case all youd need is to flash to the water bios.


I would assume that they will be binning the chips for the liquid cooled versions since the base clock is 159 Mhz higher than the air cooled versions and the boost clock is 131 Mhz higher with a max up to 1750 Mhz based on the specs that Sapphire listed on their website. I wouldn’t assume that every card would be able to hit the same numbers just by adding better cooling to it and a little more voltage. Some undoubtedly will, but not all. I’ve had gpu’s die before after flashing bios that only had 40 Mhz bump in frequency so that’s not the route I want to take. I would pay $100 over the air cooled version for the guaranteed higher frequencies but not $200. I’ll wait to see what kind of performance the liquid cooled version can put out and what kind of over clocks people are getting with air cooled cards. All the coin miners will probably have bought up all the stock by then and I’ll probably end getting a 1080ti anyway.



They list one VEGA chip as 7nm, of course it is WCCF so take it with a pound of salt.


only a pound?

generous :smiley:


I’ve got a metric ton here to accompany that claim.


Seems the RX Vega info package doesn’t contain any info about SR-IOV support. ;-(


That’d be far more binning than they’ve ever done in the past. My guess is they just voltage binned from 56 to 64, and 64s only differentiate with cooling. highest binned chips all go to the WX pro cards anyway.


aw, that suck… but was expected I guess :disappointed:


AMD’s Navi 7nm GPUs

hey! listen!


If needed i’ve got some pepper and herbs to go with that…

alway’s nice if youre going to grill something



Yeah everyone can relax now. Vega is not too good at mining. And, AFAIK no you can’t use FP16 rapid packed math on Vega to double the performance. :wink:

I mean people are still going to buy it for that. But the ol’ Rx580’s still win this one.


Linux users rejoice!
AMD used to refuse to ship this guy a card at one time
"Great Open-Source GPU Driver Support On Launch Day"
"- RadeonSI OpenGL is outperforming the closed-source AMDGPU-PRO OpenGL driver for Vega 64 and Vega 56. Yes, you read that right; the open-source driver stack on launch-day is faster than the hybrid driver for OpenGL!"

Bioshock benchmarks look really good, everything else like DOTA2 and CSGO…well you’ll see


One german retailer has limited Vega to 2 cards per customer.
Still some in stock^^