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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



This sucks balls, looks like I’m stuck with my current system for awhile. Really was hoping to build a Ryzen/Vega system.


Indeed, it would really be a HUGE selling point for linux fans if AMD allowed 2 VM guest containers.

Everyone is salivating over this slide…


GOOD. Nobody but AMD fanboy’s that wanted it, regardless of performance, were going to buy it. Now, if miners will want them, AMD will be able to still move a good volume.


Good point. Also, people who wanted it for their system should still be able to pick one up, they just have to keep an eye out. It’s just going to be the same situation as the 10 series or the rx500 series.


If people still want them, they will probably be able to get them in those “pack” deals or whatever AMD cameup with.


The demand for vega is pretty high as is.


Less Vega 64 but Vega 56 does look quite appealing…



Teen whine and Vega 56 for cumputu and kickback ?


I really only care if RX Vega does SR-IOV or not…


Bad news for me then :frowning:

I wanted vega due to

  • freesync
  • opencl compute for gpu rendering

Maybe I will get lucky


I am NOT an AMD fanboy. Out 5 systems only one has an AMD part in it. I am VERY interested in RX Vega for its compute performance and HBM2. I expect RX Vega to do as well as FE in pro scenarios based on its 8GB cap. For 500 USD that is beyond a bargain. That is the hidden gem in Vega, compute performance, also lowering heating bills.


Congrats, you have the one use case where it makes sense. For gamers, it doesn’t. Maybe 56 will. But 64? Nah.


Except for the highend gamers utilizing the GTX 1080 Ti, this has been a bad year for gamers.

Not to be selfish, but it is looking like a great year for my use case. Threadripper and Vega for me. It is great that AMD is back, competition is great for all of us.

Hopefully next year Volta and Navi will bring something to the table for gamers. With AMD at least now competing in the higher end of gaming should bring the pricing down or at least keep them in check.


Anyone hazard to guess whether there’ll be a Vega56 ITX that can make do with a single 8-pin connector?


8pin = 150w … +75w PCIe is 225w max. Vega 56 is rated as 210w TDP so it can get away with it. You will have to watch though as most will add more simply for overclocking headroom.

There is the Vega Nano rumoured to have a 150w TDP, that should be right up your alley.


yes, but probably rather more expensive than I’m comfortable with. :slight_smile: Was considering an itx rx 570 until recently (ordered one on june 3rd, in fact, but have yet to receive it :stuck_out_tongue: ), but if it turns out that there is SR-IOV support on Vega, I might be able to convince myself to spend a bit more – just not 3x as much (which would be likely, for a Nano64).



Good luck finding any at msrp…


At first I wet myself seeing this, but then I realized something ain’t right. How can Onscreen performance be higher than Offscreen?