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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



Uhm, you sure? Have a source?


7th paragraph down


I don’t think they are talking RX Vega here. This is a WS card feature. As far as I know not even the FE has SRIOV.


If that were the case, then why write " The Vega also includes improved support for professional level features, things like SRIOV" in an article about RX Vega?


The Instinct GPU accelerators (headerless versions of vega meant for rackmounts) have it so it stands to reason that they all do as its essentially the same card?

Vega & Zen were aimed squarely at data centres right from the start, so

gaming = okay-ish
getting shit done (with very specific customers in mind) = awesome


Because every second word in that text is architecture? Remeber, the Radeon Pro WX9100 is also Vega. And it was rumored in the past that SR-IOV could be a thing. But on the FE it isn’t as far as I know. So on RX it would definitively be a surprise to say the least.

I’d love to be wrong here but … I don’t think I am.


For AMD+Linux fans Phoronix has a new article laying the groundwork for Linux benchmarking on Vega.
I also included this article about how bad the AMD+Linux situation was 2 years ago. AMD has come so far since then
Gone are the days of a Fury X getting crushed by a gtx 950


Can confirm. :+1:


Saw this on hackernews
"Just curious any people own $AMD shares? I was surprised to learn that AMD is the second most owned company on Robinhood trading platform behind Apple. I bought in at $10.47 after last earnings absolutely destroyed it. Just sold right before current earnings at $14.12 and looking to maybe buy back in lower than I sold for. Closed today at $13.61.

nsxwolf 8 hours ago [-]

Who is this for then? I should just go Nvidia for my gaming rig?
The RX 480 last year had an amazing price/performance ratio. It was a very exciting product for the mid range gamer. It seems with Vega they are offering slightly worse than Nvidia’s high end for slightly less money.
Better performance at the same price would have been compelling. Slightly worse at a bargain price would have been compelling.
Plus, you won’t be able to buy these anyway because of mining. This is just sad. Maybe they should just remarket themselves as a mining company."

So that’s where all this bad press I see in youtube comments sections and other places is coming from! Filthy fucking short term investors who want to see vega to flop so they can scoop up AMD shares when they’re cheap and then sell just before/after Navi ( which will be amazing) comes out so they can make a killing!
Everyone buy vega so they have to buy AMD stock at a price higher than what they sold for! They’ll feel dumb and hopefully loose a job


AMD’s graphics division brings in very little cash overall. The CPU market it much more lucrative. EPYC is where the money and share price is going to be coming from. It also isn’t from these tiny people either. More Goldman Sachs and other banks shitting on AMD and EPYC


(Taken from:


do i see it right? fury crashing 1070’s in some benchmarks? derp.


its likely its supported since gcn gpu’s do support it. There was big hole in drivers for fury-x for ‘years’, especially since there was no ‘pro’ solution for a while so you couldn’t flash your gpu if you wanted to – amd products are mostly flash-compatible with pro version (there are some really custom consumer version cards like xfx where bios differs a lot.)
But amd released pro duo (fury-x x2) pro drivers couple months ago, adding sriov – it only supports 4, instead of 16 separations on pro bios. (Pro drivers also seem to work on my powercolor fury-x, i assume the work just fine with any fury-x gpu’s.) (newest vmware workstation + pro drivers). Thus RX Vega improved support of sriov should be a normal thing. I still think they only give 4 or 6 for normal consumer versions instead of full actual support of the gpu.

The limitation is driver based on your bios, simple flash would do the work in most cases as long as pro bios gets upload.


Bioshock Infinite it actually beats a 1080.
Dota 2 was not pretty however


Well, the settings are random AF though…
I mean, 4K @ medium? :thinking:


as an amd fan you take whatever you can get :slight_smile:


Sites keep saying Vega with SR-IOV support.

Vega also includes improved support for professional level features, things like SRIOV (for hardware virtualization). How much these improvements will matter down the road isn’t clear, but giving developers additional flexibility is a good thing.

As far as I can tell SR-IOV is in not complete in AMDGPU (even kernel 4.14)and when done will use one binary openGL driver to implement it. Whether that will be Vega or Professional cards only has never been confirmed by AMD.

I keep a google alert on SR-IOV but I never see anything concrete.

The feature would be the most killer linux gamer feature to arrive in a long time and put AMD card as a must have for linux. AMD is remaining very tight lipped.


One does. Everyone else either doesn’t mention it or is gonna tell you that it isn’t a thing except for Radeon Pro cards.

Maybe we can ask @wendell to put this myth to rest?


EK has waterblocks for Vega on preorder. EK’s site is down but here is a third party notice.

EK back up:


Up to 100m/h in ethereum.
RIP availability, the strong HPC side of Vega is showing.