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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



I agree it will be the aftermarket cards that make or break it. Vega is power hungry so those Strix 's ETC coolers and what clocks can be had will matter.

If etherium miners dont either buy them all and or drive the price too high.


Not sure if this has changed with V64, but Frontier Edition was woeful at Ethereum mining apparently. Dunno why, considering the compute figures and HBM2


Then the outlook appears grim for Vega.


It is a very sad day as a fan of competition.


Hbm isn’t good for mining AFAIK. The software isn’t set up for it. Fiji does about the same as a 480 so it’s not unique to Vega


Also want this, but it is supposed to ship early september, so another month. At least drivers might mature.


You’re gonna maybe gain 5%. It won’t be a miracle


5% performance and (much more than 5)% power usage at those higher clocks lol


Tile based rendering should help a lot with power and performance. As long as that feature is disabled, we are effectively seeing a crippled Vega. And I bet AMD knows that and that is why the release got delayed again and again.


Question I have (to the extent that the reason for this 6mo delay wasn’t hardware/component availability issues) is why are they having so much trouble with the drivers.* Are they still too cheap to spring for 2-3 FTE worth of top-notch driver engineers? (Or how many do you need?)

(* Saying this based on the endnotes slide from the press deck, which constantly hedges statements by referring to older drivers, contingency on driver performance at launch, etc.)


Probably, yes. AMD just doesn’t have nvidia money.

Why did I not see this earlier? Vega NANO!


Just in case anyone is interested…

Cinema4d’s latest version update includes radeon pro render and it should be released soon.

I find this slightly humorous as it should make almost ALL cinebench scores now meaningless…

It kind of feels like amd be trolling now :stuck_out_tongue:

Step 1: Make Cinebench scores MEAN something
Step 2: Make rendering workload GPU accelerated and make cpu scores meaningless :stuck_out_tongue:

Essentially this means gaming aside the more terraflops per dollar = better for the likes of me.

So it looks like my next gpu will be vega :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine there’s no option to disable GPU accelerated benchmarking. That would be extremely sad.


Didn’t mean it like that…

If you just treat cinebench as a pure benchmark of cpu single / multi in abstract then you can carry on doing that.

What I meant was that as long as the cpu is fast enough to keep the gpu fed with data then almost ANY cpu will be good enough for cinema4d with gpu assisted rendering (ask anyone who has got used to blender cycles if they would go back to cpu rendering only :smiley:) .

Here was me drooling over the thought of using thread ripper for my c4d rendering when this update makes rendering via cpu obsolete… amd are basically trolling amd at this point

An indicator of where AMD’s direction is around opencl and their current gpu hardware

Step one

was getting Radeon Pro Render embedded within the production workflow of Cinema4d artists

Step two…

Doubt these two things are unrelated, Cinema4d is a tool used in quite a lot of blockbuster films etc :smiley:

cuda is going to be a tough nut for amd to crack but I have to give them credit for setting up the ducks in a row

I think gamers (like myself) are just going to have to get used to the fact that graphics cards arent about games anymore… there is far more profitable things that they could be doing :frowning:

tflops per dollar vega looks good and given how AMD are gunning for Hollywood I think Radeon Pro Render is going to perform excellently (similar to Octane (cuda only) at least, which is excellent for something built in).


Fair point. I’d just be happy you can use a more powerful, purpose built tool for this task now and your powerful CPU will allow you to multitask better while rendering.


And the hits keep coming…

It’s obvious at this point as to who their main target is and that they are now just trying to drum up some business.


Time to say it again - it’s dead on arrival.


stand by what I said, vega just doesnt seem like it was ever aimed at gamers at all.

Everything seems vectored longer term towards cracking hollywood, to which I am sure it will be brilliant at… just that the ‘consumer grade’ scaled down version of vega is meh at high end gaming.

Radeon Instinct MI25 GPU accelerators = Headerless Vega64

If you check the stats they are virtually identical

Thing is, as a cinema4d user who will most likely upgrade to Cinema4d R19, vega still looks good to me.


That card looks really nice. :slight_smile:


Vega56 to me seems like a decent competitor for the 1070, which is likely to be more future-proof (fp16 x2), and which packs a few interesting new features, including SR-IOV support. Shame it’s not really in my price bracket.