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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



Right now? Basically none.


Another thing to mention is apparently at SIGGATH or whatever it is, its just the announcement and reveal of RX Vega. Rumor has it that it's going to be 2months after that before their available. This basically means my FuryX will be in my ITX for a fair while.


AMD is going to go on a tour to show off RX vega around the 20th I think, some locations here and there, portland being one of them I think.

I think the rumor regarding 1-2 months is mostly about AIB cards, reference cards will probably launch early august.


That would be nice, but I try not to listen to the speculation.


Is it just me or is hardware stuff just completely boring these days, I used to know every cpu and gpu SKU out there, now I just don't care, every year it's the same. This years Radeon will be a bit faster that last years Radeon and moderately competitive with Nvidia at some price points. I feel like that could summarize every GPU release in the last few years.


I know Linus from LTT said (and frankly is right) that at any given price in the gpu space, you can from that estimate to within a couple percentage points what the performance will be.


Hehe, no.
Usually there are sweet spots, and at times just plain overpriced cards, usually at the very high end and very low end.


According to buildzoid its the power stage is build like a 290x lightning and mine is going steady at 1200 core for 2 years now so should be good.


The VRMs on Vega FE are the strongest on any reference card by far, 12 phases of direct fet goodness, should be capable of more than 1kw without running out of spec, basically AIB partner cards will only match it or be worse in terms of power delivery capabilities, it's already way overkill.

Basically Vega FE is two Fury X VRMs, or 3 Nano VRMs since it's using the same low profile chokes as both the pro duo and Nano.
I don't know which mosfets they're using, but it's probably the same or a newer improved variant of the same ones found on their Fiji cards.


See buildzoid's review on GN for that info, if you want. I'm sure he's mentioned it.


What the hell? Are you underclocked too? The best I could achieve was 1080mV @ 1075MHz on a Fury, and it just barely matched my GTX 970 on power draw..


-28.5% frequency and 900mv.
Of course it's under clocked.


So the hybrid FE card is now available says


My bad, when you wrote "-28.5% in wattman", I thought power limit was implied. I didnt realize you could still manipulate clocks in % ever since AMD renamed OverDrive


I think my fury has a problem in that case. Coil whine is atrocious, which I don't mind, but if I undervolt it even by 1mv, or bring it above 1050mhz, the thing crashes (screen blanks, game/benchmark dies, screen goes back to 4k on desktop) within seconds.




Someone on reddit finally got their watercooled VEGA FE
It looks so shiny.

Uploaded BIOS for it


I half expected his dick to be out in that picture, for measurements sake :slight_smile: