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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion




That's definetly interesting. This will be Fury X all over again. And no chance of price lowering because HBM being so pricey. I mean it's totaly normal AMD as a company doesn't have infinite resources to spend they've gone all in with ryzen/threadripper/epyc.


It sort of presupposes that those 13TF Vega packs are architecturally bottlenecked even worse than Fiji was, though, for which there's simply no proof yet. (Which would be monumentally stupid, anyway.) So while it may be the case that the card disappoints, I'm not sure most of what's said in the second half can be said to follow from the (read-between-the-lines-)evidence presented in the first.


Take a look at the adored vid from 14:20 on.

Gaming performance features are missing from that driver used for testing. The Tile based rendering is a huge thing for Graphics card performance. It means the card has an order of magnatude less work to do to achieve the same end result meaning that the available resources can be used to make more FPS. This is particularly relevant in comparisons with the Nvidia cards as they are already doing similar optimizations to increase performance

It is too early to get worried about Vega in a gaming environment


Im drinking so take it for what it is.

Vega will be at best a 1080 competitor. And if priced right rock on a good value 1080.

AMD as listed in the ADORED youtube videos are aiming at the most top end next year 2018. So all is not lost it is stepping stones.

I jumped on RX480 so I am good for a few years. If your on old stuff and a 1070 or 1080 is in your sights then maybe vega is for you.

Seems there are no miracle GPU competition other that nvidia gutting its top end cards and repricing as it did.

Dont have a short memory and forget pricing before 1080Ti. Dont be a goldfish.


You're late. :wink:

I always said I hope they fucked the driver, that is basically the only hope. I just wanted to make clear that there is no other difference in hardware than clockspeed.


Money quote
"RX Vega manages to score 31,873 graphics points, roughly four thousand points and some change ahead of the GTX 1080 and double that compared to the GTX 1070. However, the GTX 1080 ti maintains a commanding lead with over 38 thousand points, nearly seven thousand points ahead of Vega."


Well, now someone has to test 3DMark11 on the FE.
And then we might see how much of a difference there is.

Interesting that it is not Firestrike or something like that....


Leaking, best advertising strategy for a cash strapped company:)
A few months ago:

Better to delay and get it right then have it "thrashed" in reviews and benchmarks which become a permanent resorce on the internet.


Also the 4.12 Kernel already packs VEGA drivers and im pretty sure that to release we will see a better performance on Linux than on windows. maybe im getting really paranoid here but i have that tingly feeling that VEGA will have a better price/performance ratio than 1080 but will in the first 6 months very badly on windows.

Because of all of those "leaks", is it too far to say that we will see the RX VEGA at around 500€/$?


If they want to sell cards, they have to keep it under 500,-.


what do you think about this:

VEGA Rev1 starts at 399 all of the Polaris RX Cards get cheaper (i found 2 RX580s that cost 399, most RX580s cost around 300)

VEGA Rev2 (Just like RX480->RX580) then could again start at 399 und the NAVI GPUs (if they perform that good) could then start at 699/799 for "high end" cards.

IF that would be the case, i think AMD would sell basically all the gpus and have a good market standing for when to price the NAVI GPUS.


I think you forgot what Polaris cards are supposed to cost.
And I know that it makes no sense to even think about Navi for a loooong time.
So .....



well... yeah thanks for crushing my little hype-dream there. :smiley:


4.12 does not have display support for VEGA. Unless you intend to use VEGA for compute only there is no linux support right now, nor will there be anytime soon.


So there are drivers for VEGA and when the RX VEGA is available there will be display support.


First of all, there is no way AMD is going to push any serious changes into the current merge window. That means the earliest any new additions can come is several months from now.

Second, AMD is having big trouble convincing the kernel maintainers to accept their display code. They have tried to get it into mainline for many, many months now and there is no reason to believe that it's going to happen soon.

And then, the code is only in the kernel. It will take even longer for the distributions to pick it up.


I am just curious what the mining boom will do to Vega pricing is it possible that miners will pick it up? And create a shortage again?


as long as the price is right then I will be going RX vega, if it isnt then amd just lost me to nvidia.. and I am really sad to say that.