The Vanishing of Ethan Carter BIG framedrops and screen tearing

So, I got The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Gorgeous game, great gameplay, and interesting story. But the random frame drops are really bugging me. It happens about every 30 seconds. It drops from about 90 or 95 down to like 34 or 36 for a split second. It is noticeable, because the game pretty freezes for a split second. The screen tearing thing is also super annoying, and have no clue how to fix it or the framerate drops.

It's a known issue with the game, it is especially noticeable in certain areas (hitching) as you cross the big bridge. I was able to eradicate noticeable screen tearing when I upgraded to a 144hz monitor. When using my IPS 60hz the tearing was bad and the hitching got more pronounced with Vsync (tried adaptive, normal, triple buffer).

After I started using the new monitor I still suffered from minor hitching every now and then with no noticeable tearing, that was ok for me due to the type of game. I am using dual 980s and 5820k and was getting around 90fps average, the hitching would drop that into the 60s. I was playing at 1440 with everything maxed.

it is a stunning looking game with everything maxed, it's quite impressive for an indie tiitle, the tearing can be resolved but I think you'll have to live with some minor stutter at least.