The un-official Tek Syndicate Minecraft Server!

Hello, the un-official tek Syndicate Minecraft server is now up and running, ender dragon free!


We need more people to play on it but we have a few things already, like a pvp arena, an awesome spawn, and even a staue of Logan!







(Logan on-top of spawn)





We need more people to make this server better so if you have time log on and look around and maybe build something! (Especially Logan).




it is getting preety cool and it sure needs some support (shout out to logan)


this server is awesome


it sure is




we must try to get logan on the server

just to leave an update on the builds... logan's tatue is now grabing the spawn house


logan! you may now live inside yourself





In a few hours i will update some pics of the server... Go check it out


This looks really cool. I'd love to help out with it! If you want, you can add me on Skype @ Cap7ainTasty. I'll put up a video on YouTube for it too (:

Just found this





























i love the server it really lets you express yourself in block

good server amazing buildings


I'm enjoying this server too  :D

Kepp this server alive :D