The Ultimate USB?

Hey Tek crew,

I was wondering, what are some programs you would say are must-haves for a USB. I mean a USB that can do it all, something that has a solution for every situation.

What would you guys say is essential for the ultimate USB?



Live Linux disk image.

Malware-Bytes, CCleaner, and a small back-up of any files/things that is extremely important on your computer you would not normally be able to get back incase your computer/HDD died.

Burn "hirens boot cd" on your USB. I always have one handy on my keyring. 

It has almost everything you might need, anything from memtest32 and data recovery to bootable linux and bootable mini xp. That whole package is a god-sent thing if you work in a computer service or have anything to do with repairing computers! I use it multiple times every day and for a different purposes every time.

I would say "Hirens boot cd" IS the ultimate usb! Just try it and you will love it! (i hope)

Haha wow, I definitely think I'd have to agree with you! What a great tool to have

The only thing i keep on a usb is puppy linux plug it in to any computer (that computer dosent even need to have a hardrive in it) and use a full operating system.

Puppy loads in to the computers ram and is lightning fast working off the ram.

Great for fault finding on a dieing pc/laptop ect

I'm in agreeance with Hirens, it's an amazing tool that I could not live without.