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The Type-C Port/Connector and the USB/TB Standards around it is a OverComplicated mess

It’s 2020 and USB-C is still a mess:

Look how many different effing Type-C cables are out there already, and ThunderBolt 4 isn’t helping by trying to take it over.

The USB-IF Group came up with a dumb idea to make one “Super Cable” AKA Type-C that is overly complex and over kill for many things.

USB 2.0 is good enough for basic things like “KB, Mice, Game Controllers, Stylus, other small doodads”, shoving Type-C onto those ports is excessive.

USB Type-A SuperSpeed with it’s single lane is good enough for many devices who need more speed than USB 2.0, but not so much speed that the Type-C cable is needed.

Plenty of Storage devices / Memory Card Readers / other devices can be satisfied by it.

Type-C just seems like a Over-Kill solution at the moment that should be relegated to High Performance devices that need that kind of Bandwidth.

And having to explain all the USB 3.X / USB4 with it’s Gen # x # is a pain in the ass to normies.

And USB4 / TB4 won’t even increase throughput compared to last gen.

There’s a literal USB 2.0 Backwards Compliant Full Duplex lane that can be killed off and turned into a 3rd set of Super Speed lanes, but they want to preserve USB 2.0 backwards compatibility.

A foolish endeavor IMO, be like Apple, kill backwards compatibility, get more Speed out of your existing hardware.

USB 2.0 Backwards Compatibility can be solved by USB 2.0 Type-A ports or using the same miniaturization technology from Type-C and make super tiny new ports/connectors that are Type-A/B compatible but smaller then 3.5mm headphone jacks.


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