The Twilight Zone - Rod Serling Interview (1959)

I'm quite fascinated by this interview. I'm a big fan of the original Twilight Zone ever since Netflix came into my life. If I didn't know any better and just read his interview, I would've mistaken him for someone who works for Hollywood today. I think if he saw how television is made now through the medium of internet he'd be proud of how far it has come, especially with censorship. However, I think he'd just as equally be disgusted in how ratings/sponsors has affected news and how it's delivered in television today. In a way, the roles of censorship has dramatically switched.

The subjects tackled in the context of its time (Civil Rights, WWII, Cold War) are still relevant today, especially today which does big the question: Although, we're more technologically advanced today, have we grown as a society at all?

We've grown so much technologically and we know more about our universe today than we ever have back then, yet as a society we still have just as much bigotry before the Civil Right movement, we still have ideological wars like we did back in WWII/Cold War and the xenophobia that comes with that.

Social media, while it has definitely made our world a smaller place, it has also made us a little less empathetic and more isolated from each other.