The Trade Up Line (Community stuff pool)

Every day I come on here and see some neat post either new or old about some projects that people have done. So far the one that has annoyed me most was someone had a Mac G5 Quad, ripped all the guts out and threw them out, and put some stupid i3 build in the case and never even bothered to mount it.

So, I want to open up an idea to the community here that is simply: IF you have a project you are working on and you have useable stuff left over (G5 example), post them here. If you have something you might think will be useful to someone in the community, post them here. Etc.

I realize thats what the Buy Sell Trade section is for with individual posts, but often people just throw the other stuff out. Like right now, I REALLY need a Prescott V2 motherboard for a project and that'll be impossible to find. However someone might have one in the attic somewhere.

Think of this as a cork board and don't treat it like a necropost. If in a year from now, someone posted an item here, they might still have it. To future mods, if it seems someone is necro'ing the thread for no reason, keep in mind that what they have interest in here may even still be available. Please don't close it arbitrarily.

Lastly, general rules.

1: If selling stuff, argu about prices in PM's and have your little in-war there, not here clottering up space. Make an offer or ask, but don't have a 200 post string of you and the other bitching about stuff.

2: Speaking of bitching, no hardware wars (AMD INTEL NVIDIA), go do that in the lounge.

3: Don't just post your 20 year old shoes. This is more the recycling plant for the forum rather than the used condom bin. Again, go to the lounge.

That being said, good luck.
First off, I have a spare iMac (first gen intel) with working boards in it. The screen is fucked and I'm not going to pay 200 bucks for a shitty panel. Case, logic boards, all of it is available.

I'll probably have more available in the future.


So it's the computer version of a swap meet

Yeah basically. Just don't post "I have 300 garbage bags full of your old posts" and whatever. It really can be anything. Laptops, rotary engines, copper piping, whatever. I just think that its a little dumb to just throw shit out that someone could use.

Better example you gave me those SPARC boxes, though I still feel bad about making you drive here 3:

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I have a spare windows XP home disc I might not even use more than once.

I need an EVGA 9800GT Akimbo (Orange) and a bit of ram for a pentium 2 machine. Ideas? Or anyone got anything?