The Tek's "people to watch" list

Hello guys,

in one of The Tek episodes, I heard Wendell and Logan saying "watch this guy". Sadly I forgot who the person was as well as which episode of The Tek it was on... So now I want to ask you, Wendell and Logan, which people in your opinion should I keep my eyes and ears on if I want to be up to date with the IMPORTANT things regarding all the topics/areas that are discussed on The Tek?

Maybe you can name different categories (like The Tek thematic categories) and then name one or two people who are the MVPs in that field?


  • Energy Technology: Elon Musk
  • Gaming: Gabe Newell
  • Internet rights: -insert name here-
  • ...

PS: To make it clear, I am not looking for people like for example Steve Jobs who know how to run a business and milk money from people but do nothing valuable for humanity itself (in my opinion); I am looking for people who are spending their time, money and efforts into trying to create big innovations, bring their field forward and generally speaking make the world a better place in any of these fields discussed on The Tek

PPS: Keep up the good work, The Tek is the best show on YouTube for staying up-to-date, one hour invested each week and I always feel like I know what's going on in the internet and technology world.

PPPS: For this exact reason I am actively NOT promoting The Tek in my country, because I am scared that if it gets too popular it's going to start sucking and become all commercial. Promise me that this will never ever happen and I will gladly tell ALL of my friends to watch your show (my university has a huge computer science faculty and I'm an active member).

Greetings from Germany!