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PC Per article:

Takeaway: gsync inserts an extra frame at low refresh rate. The demo shows that’s not happening on FreeSync:

But check out the May 2013 VESA Adaptive Sync Whitepaper, Page 2-4:

(eg. during a short period of intensive action), then the new frame will not be ready in time for the display’s blanking interval, and the previous frame is repeated on the display

This is not happening in the PCPer Demo. Instead, the panel simply does not lower the vsync below 40.

Repeated here:

It may be a bug in the FreeSync driver. Down to 23.98 fps is on the list of stuff ‘to be tested’ with FreeSync monitors.

Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent



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Do not live in Seattle. You want to live nearby, but not actually in
Seattle. It's too expensive, and it's too crowded. Check out the
surrounding areas. I recommend Renton, as there's a nice fat Fry's
there, as well as much more affordable housing. And if you need a hookup for grass, let me know.

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Why are you moving to Seattle @Logan?

It's not modern design, it's contrived design..There's gorgeous trees and parks everywhere, but god damn some of those new developments are ugly as sin. Pastel puke green? Hell yeah!

If you're looking for a drink try Elysian, they're a local microbrewery. They've got a bar downtown and a restaurant+brewery in Capitol Hill on 13th & Pike.

Mechanical HDDs are not going away anytime soon because of this.

and Self Corrosion on SSDs

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Hey Logan, I read this and thought of your situation.

Hopefully this won't happen to you. lol
Good luck with the house hunt.

Good God Logan don't live in Seattle. Go to a rural area. Maybe even across the sound. Ferry Trips and real estate costs are not to bad outside the city. Trips across the sound are quite quick. I live in Tacoma and prices here are not as bad as Seattle but there is no view and really much less then Seattle. I would say, and I am in no means an expert, pick something around the Olympic Mountains. Nice, quiet, Multiple ferry's going to Seattle/Tacoma. Smaller communities, Micro-brews, less traffic. Just my 2 cents. Hope ya find a place and am sooooo glad you got back up and running on the Tek.

Seattle is cool to see but waaaaay to expensive as far as I am concerned.

Check out

if you haven't already. Good luck Logan. Hope ya find something.

Across the sound isn't a bad idea, great views of the city. Might even be easier to get fiber set up there. The city whiffed on getting fiber up and now we're gonna be in bureaucratic gridlock for a while. A few dozen buildings have CondoInternet/Wave in Seattle proper, but I don't think there's any gigabit providers for someone living in a house.

edit: just checked the CondoInternet website, looks like they're rolling out fiber to all residences including single family homes in the Eastlake neighborhood. You won't have much luck finding a place there for less than $500k, but it's a good sign. I wouldn't expect the Central District to be far behind, where real estate is a bit cheaper. I live in Capitol Hill and have service from them, they're an excellent no bullshit provider.

I am inclined to agree the Ug_son_of_Ug when moving to Seattle. It is really expensive to live here in Seattle like you seem to be finding out. Although, I don't know what the surrounding areas are like you might indeed look into these areas more. North of Seattle you have Northgate a little further north you have Shoreline; I wouldn't go directly South if you are looking for places that aren't cramped. Renton seems like it could be a very viable option with places around Lake Washington, like Lake City and Renton, being more suburban or even foresty.

If you want to live in a city, or particularly close to it, you can look into Bellevue across Lake Washington that is where the Valve HQ is, I believe. Or you could look into moving even further North. There are seemingly a lot of good places North of Seattle, too; as far as Everett it just depends on how close you want to be from Seattle. Note: Seattle traffic is awful I5 and I405.

For internet Comcast is the biggest in Seattle, but I have heard that Century Link, in some areas, will offer Gigabyte internet (can't say if there is a catch). Another big company is Frontier, not sure if they are big in King County, however they were sold the Verizon lines way back when and offer Verizon Fios.

Also don't be fooled into thinking King County was named after Martin Luther King Jr.. It was named after some white stuffy type with the last name King and then later changed to center around MLK. And the Cascade Mountains provide REALLY good hiking; especially the Mount. Loop Highway north of Everett. Highway 2 and I90 also present good hiking. Just know the North Cascades (Mt Baker area) are much better than the South Cascades, coming from a guy that aspires to climb the taller peaks of Washington ( is a good resource for finding hikes in Washington).

Hope somebody besides just Logan might find this enlightening. Sorry if is a wall of text I had lot to say even if it was for nothing.

What's going on? Is Logan homeless? Did I miss something?

He needs access to good internet, and I wouldn't think some place tucked into the Olympic Range would have good fast internet. Even if he does get good internet in a place like that he will find himself with a high ping, I suspect. You can find some good places, I would think, tucked into the Cascade foot hills with fast internet, and besides Logan has expressed a love for the outdoors wherein the Cascades are a good medium for that love.

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Good points. I have no idea what is better for internet speed, Olympics/Cascade. I am inclined to agree with you that the Cascades would probably be better but I don't know. There is a Naval base on the other side of the sound from Seattle so internet might actually be decent over there. I believe it is in Bremerton. Here in Tacoma, Comcast for $80 bucks gives you 100mb.

For the Comcast Business Class, they told me that I'd need to use their Modem for 1 day, I woke up a day after they installed it, and switched it out for a Motorola Surfboard, worked just fine. The only issue with Business class internet is less modem compatibility.

Ha ha. just listened to the night vision eye drops. Reminds me of my days a s a wee lad in the Army. Eye drops give's you 50m of vision is cool. Really cool actually. I am sorry to say that that doesn't even come close to what night vision devises like PVS-7 or PVS-14 Gen 3. These bad boys cost around $3,000 bills but you can see EVERYTHING for hundreds of meters.

To Wendell, I was patrolling Bosnia with NOD's on and saw a flash from something. Bad maaan. Very bad white burn in my vision for a time not to mention it could have damage the actual device (PVS-7).

Science is sooo cool isn't it.

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Yay, great to see an episode. I was going cold turkey.

Watching now :D

Great to see, and hear you blokes back on the Youtube 'airwaves again :)

I love Logan's quote, and it's so true: "when you get a group of alarmed and stupid people in a room: that's government"

Since you're in Seattle now, you should come to LinuxFest Northwest. There website is here.