The Tek is live now


@logan audiosync is off with your voice.

it's like a whole second...wendell is fine doe...

@logan and @wendell Watching this at 3 am Hello from the middle east :P

mic volumes seem fine

Tuning-in 11:14am from Australia (Qld east-coast) to watch you blokes :)

I like the @wendell pantomimes.

@wendell engineer years must be like man-hours... that's a lot of hours...

The 'self-driving' car concept is similar to 'autonomous' mining truck technology, which is quickly becoming an industry standard world-wide.

@logan probably time to start ignoring youtube chat. it's more toxic than 4chan

Is Ubuntu Mobile worth playing with?

Hmm. From your profile pic, you really must like hunting Heratics. Trolls Orks

Great episode guys. Even with the "live stream challenges". I really like the streaming versions (full screen, no chat! its so bad). With this fancy new form can, we not have some kind of "Live Stream" lounge to chat in?

Sup Homies!

@logan for your gaming idea you seam to get the "Simpson did it" syndrome.

Damnit, was at work and missed it, watching it now though.

YES! Ubuntu mobile looks INCREDIBLE.

What a way to end a night out drinking watching the tek <3

Does it work on any Android compatible device?

@Logan I go to Berea pretty often to visit friends living down there. Any good bars/pubs in that Eastern Kentucky area?