The Tek Game Dev Donations

Yeah, I know you can buy the music and proceeds go to the gave dev stuff. But I has to ask. Any of you down with just say to the Tek, I'd like to do a donation to,specifically, the game thing. Yup Tek, means you'd have to do a specific thing for that money to hit you up.. Just wondering how many of you would support a contribution seperate from the Patreon thing. Directly support the game dev side.
Personally I've tweeted to @Logan about hi res audio stuff. No doubt he wasn't off with his response. Which is why I'd like to ask all of you this now

How many of you would like to see a custom collectors edition of all of @Logan music on real viynal. Me personnally I know some bad asses that could master this. Which is why I gave @Logan shit on some tweets about sample rates and shit.

SO. any of you in for seeing (albums have art work peeps :) /hearing Logans music on Vynal. Someone do a straw poll.

Me, I'd like a collection of @Logans maddness coupled with some artwork from Pistol, Qain, Wendell funz.. Actual album atrwork..and maybe some kind of goodie the Wendell monster could set up for download.'

yup..I'm nuts

What do you think?