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I would look for blue or black ram sticks to...

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I would just get rid of the pentium and z97...

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I want to paint my h440 too, I want to get rid of...

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[PCPartPicker part list](...

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thx for tlling this but i changed te removable...

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thx for the help and srry for the late reply....

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Cool tek

It's always great to hear the reps from the manufacturers 'talking-shop' about their products, industry trends, and their perspectives relating to events like Computex-2015.

These types of insights are always invaluable to the most discerning consumer, and industry-follower.

As an aside: it's fantastic to hear the Tek's Marketing-Manager: Jenny talking on the sideline (off-camera)

I have a sit/stand desk at work and what we do is mount the tower under the desk. Most of the wiring is bundled under the desk and the only remaining cables running down are power/internetz. From what I understand they are not cheap and also custom made. They can also lift about 500 lbs (I tested this by sitting on the desk while raising/lowering it lol). If you would like a photo or want to know more let me know.

That's a pretty swell t-shirt - particularly for ppl with roots from Taiwan. Might grab one or two (for when I inevitably get fatter as I age hah).

for lian-li's desk they should just have HDD bays in the desk above where your legs would be and have the motherboard area to the side. It would look a bit old looking style wise but it would be functional. or they could make the underside of the desk to slope at the front. this could cut into the usable HDD slots but it would give a bit more leg room.

nice tek guyz. hope you get a chance to highlight some new monitors. Have been waiting forever to see some more free sync options esp. 1440p stuff...
+ Hows that zenfone going wendell? any issues. Have been looking for a cheapy myself...

Bloody keyboard switch sales snake oil & smoke! What a load of Cod's wallop. The softer spring is what makes it quicker than a cherry MX red ( if Logan is correct in his comparison. ) and a miniscule bit of IR switch. but the IR side is so small I bet theres not a human being on this planet that could tell the difference between 50,000 km/hr and 300,000 km/hr over the 0.1mm trip. Thats the distance between the actuation point and the IR signal getting to the copper part of the IR switch (that then goes to the wire that goes to the motherboard), NOT the distance the key moves to the activation point. If you want fast keyboards for gaming, throw out your clunky MX switches and replace with cherry ML switches which activate 25% earlier. but these are usually for military installations etc. not war gaming. ...? ( I think there's a difference.)
Could always hound Bloody, Corsair & Das to make a keyboard with ML's for the serious gamers . Then theres scissor switches which activate 50% earlier but they are horrendously expensive. apart from that scam the show had awesome hardware , a Paul?
Thank you Greybeards for a fantastic show.

This might have been the funniest episode of The Tek yet.

Keep up the good work.

I want that intro pixel art as a wallpaper!!!

Just wanted you guys to know...
Totally described the anime Accel World...

The video was called Help and you can get through the spotlight stories app