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@Logan Meze 99 Classic Walnut review soon?


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It was no AA or TSSAA to enable A-sync under vulkan

Also wait when did you get to California?

It's interesting that USA and Germany are both Police State, but they each abuse Police power in different yet similar ways.

Well now I know that you are just shilling for Crunchy Logan.... Berserk (the new stuff at least) is not good.. it is awful CG hot garbage.

Or if they told you to spot that show for some reason that are just silly. Crunchy actually has a lot of good shows (mostly because they have a near monopoly on the airing stuff) and that was just the worst show they could have used to spotlight their service hah..

Oh well..


Edit: So that your sponsor doesn't hate you and me I should add two shows that are currently airing on Crunchy that are REALLY good.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Also Mob Psycho 100

Both of those are actually really good. The show you mentioned Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (aka Food Wars Season 2) is also amazing.

i had the EXACT same thoughts towards the refugees in europe and elsewhere. one of my friends may very well be one of them. a friend of mine from Denmark showed me this. it's not just black and white. their are good people in those crowds of immigrants and their are bad. and governments are not so good at dealing with the problems that have emerged. some people take advantage of the situation in a refugee camp just like they do in a riot or a world war. yes the people who had to leave their homes have to be helped it's the right thing to do. but their is 2 sides to this and neither is completely wrong or right.

also the robot totally could have brought tear gas

Catching poison Pokemon in the Holocaust museum should not make me laugh as hard as I just did. Am I going to hell now?

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We already are in hell.

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No need to have nightmares of a refrigerator with Windows ME when you've seen it on vending machines.

Re: A full disclosure 'Where does the money come from?' video.
Honestly my thoughts were I don't care. I know y'all have integrity so it's all good and you can keep your finances private IMO.

However, I think it would be fun to do a facetious finance video like the time you revived a dead video card.
@DeusQain could hold up a cardboard sign on a highway off ramp "Will code for food."
@wendell could go dumpster diving for server parts that he rebuilds to sell at local pawn shops.
@Pistol could grow a Wendell beard and do commercials for Dollar Shave Club.

You get the idea, something to deflate the payola hype balloon in a tongue in cheek way.

edit: And @Logan can tour the FOXCONN animation sweatshop that is producing the Zweihander game and he makes them draw pixels on graph paper under the lash of his whip.

Maybe even a budget item "We pay fees to manufacturers to give positive reviews of our positive reviews to other manufacturers so they will be willing to send us review samples before any other YouTube channel. Because we care about our audience so very very much."


Interesting ? I mostly hate all headphones because they sound like speakers in plastic :) Speaker snob. Nothing beats a well tuned wood speaker enclosures. Wonder if this applies here ?

yeah im wondering this myself right now, wasnt he in oregon? isnt the office up there?

on another note very interesting episode, the internet of things scares me a lot

I am with you on the headphones vs speakers. A piece of my soul died when Infinity speakers was purchased and had its name used on inferior product just to make money. And I am glad it back fired on Yamaha cuz only a few Speaker snobs knew who Infinity was, so very few people purchased them just for the name.

Is that a new Tek Syndicate mouse in the background?

@wendell One of the biggest downsides to Democracy is that all are entitled to vote - I don't know that I'd say "People are stupid" but in a democratic system the voices of the uneducated carry the same weight of the well educated

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Who remembers Josh Pillault and Justin Carter?
A couple of kids who said something stupid on the internet.

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About Internet-of-things devices.

One problem with these devices is the name, which implies, that they need the Internet.

This name was invented by manufacturers as an excuse to make devices, that only work, if the devices connect to their servers, so that they can do planned obsolescence.

It's basically the same idea behind multiplayer video games, which no longer support offline LAN or private servers.

It's possible to make such devices, that work offline, or that can communicate with each other over an offline LAN in you house, or which support private servers hosted by the owner.

What I'm trying to say is, that these devices are not necessarily a bad idea, it's just that the Internet should be an option, not a requirement.

They should have a different name, like smart devices or something similar.

Where is my zotac painted speedboat?