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 Future(s) Studies
 Why Europe’s largest economy is resisting the new industrial revolution – POLITICO
 The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016 | World Economic Forum
 Misfortune | Tesla Motors
 UK Bill Introduces 10 Year Prison Sentence for Online Pirates - TorrentFreak
 Hillary Clinton’s Email Was Probably Hacked, Experts Say - The New York Times
 Friend or Foe?: Your Wearable Devices Reveal Your Personal PIN - Semantic Scholar
 Microsoft has made yet another cringeworthy attempt to come off as cool (MSFT) — Quartz
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 Set-top saga: Comcast says it’s “not feasible” to comply with FCC cable box rules | Ars Technica
 Facebook is Building an Open Source Wireless Carrier in a Box | DSLReports, ISP Information
 Feds: Upset by Google, man threw Molotov cocktails at Street View car near HQ | Ars Technica
 Putin Jumps Into the Race to Build a Hyperloop - Bloomberg
 New High-Speed Camera Is So Fast It Can See Neurons Firing
 Nvidia takes wraps off GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card - Graphics - News -
 System Shock by Nightdive Studios — Kickstarter
 Prey for the Gods by No Matter Studios — Kickstarter

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Were listening to this together xD

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How to protect your privacy and data? Faraday Cage. A giant Faraday cage with a crap load of tinned beans and canned water. Possibly with enough room for a partner to continue the last lines of chip-free humans.

Other than that I think it's inevitable as the monetary insentive is too great and people don't value their data enough to boycott companies that implement wifi suppositories so they know when they need to advertise metamucil. In conclusion:

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Wished you peeps would pin this as a single place where Tek episodes are in a container. This being a very foreward facing thing that you guys earn a 'lil coin. It should always be pinned to the top of every place/topic on your forums. this is the money maker.. and I want you guys/gals to.. live well and prosper. I know, kiddies will scream at you.. YOU SHILLS! Fuck'em. If you have good agreements with their asses up top too.

I want to see you succeed. Not starve for the sake of percieved shillness.. is that a word? Hey @Wendell is that a word.. lol. Shillness.

NOw. Can I get a hell yes from the communtiy to help The Tek. Simple. If you like/love indies.. send them a line and ask them to support the Tek. As does The Tek them. Can anyone create a data base of.. Twitter/Twitch/Facebook cough cough and we can poll them to support this place. After all. this is a place that @Logan and all support them.

Would love to see inteviews and give the indies a place to share with a community that's supportive. Hey, If you're afraid to ask, but has info to who to send requests to, send it my way. lol.. I'm nuts.. damn right I'll ask them to support us by giving The Tek crew interviews.

If only five of us want this.. yup.. FAIL. But if we poll and show numbers in strength <.< @Logan @DeusQain @Wendell . Can only do so much alone. @You are what can make the difference. There are some members of strong standing here.. poll us. yep..collecting data.. All my datas are for you.

your point sir? am I missing something your trying to point out I'm clueless about?

All official posts from TS staff go into this category. We try to keep that category clean with only posts for official uploaded videos, etc.

Or are you saying that we should have a 'The Tek' sub-category that only contains The Tek video discussion threads?

Its also an RSS feed


hmm. good point. This forum is an alien thing to me at times. What I was getting at was a support thread kind of thing to the forwardfacing bread and butter that earns the Tek money to continue on. These guys are cautious about who they allow as sponsers. Don't blame them. So I was getting do we suppot this more and be more inviting to sponsors that help pay the bills? Ad money is on a downward spiral. I'm open, as I'm sure the Tek crew is open to any and all suggestions.

Hmm. I think they are mainly focusing on Tek Support and Patreon for support as far as community members go. Third-party sponsorship agreements and such likely go directly through staff and are done outside of the forum platform. Not sure if they would be up for changing that, but it could be a good discussion they might have (or have already had) internally.

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did not know about the rss... I'm a feedly fiend.. would love to have it on that service!
as well as all the tech types I follow on youtube. I'm absent on twitter because they started this verification shit I can't do fast enough to suit them. Like @Logan, I love the mountains. My internets are satellite and the lags sux bads lol. By the time I get a verify code and get home to input.. I'm a little kid put on time out.. bastards

You can also take RSS directly from youtube which is what i do for discord.

Feedly should be able to add it. Theres also an audio only RSS feed.

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discord? I'm googleing that now. But us humans are creatures of habit. Feedly is just tits for me! :) I'm begging some other sites to support it.

Feedly must be able to add rss feeds? Looks like it can ad youtube, so you could just add the tek syndicate channel.

Discord is a text/voice chat server, we have one for tek syndicate, your welcome to join

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Thank much brother. Yeah When I look to join some sites through Feedly, the page just pops up and says Yahoo..choose your app... I do get about 90% of mah tech stuff through feedly. So damn easy to sort through and organise. Here, an PC per are on my wish lists. They're using Drupal . I know @Wendell has said many good things about it.

Oh Hell.. discord page looks good O.O

Damn me. I'm an old dog stuk on old tricks. I'm still using erps.. macOS Snow Lep..32 bit. I've got a 2013 imac running and breaking all the dev shit.. cause I roll like that. lol. I so love my old Pentium iMac. Yeah they said it was this core duo.. its a rebranded Pentium hahaha. Damn thing just runs like hell don't has enough fire to burn it up.

germany in most cases have better internet than USA... its one of the best in europe.

also most parts for cars; and cars are not being done in germany anymore, but in poland.

Aye @wendell & @Logan I made it that far into the video, have i won a cookie? =)

Regarding the HRC e-mail scandal:

The media is completely glossing over the dynamics of the case. This is funny because the dynamics are the interesting part. They're pretending that HRC isn't in trouble in order to manipulate the public into following the story... I guess. They've been showing the difference between the statements that HRC made and the response that the FBI director made in his address; and pretending that it is court worthy evidence. This is the case with even the legal "analysts" associated with them. There is a great deal of disingenuous goings on.

For instance, one of the most interesting and disturbing quotes from the address is:

"While not the focus of our investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the State Department in general, and with respect to use of unclassified email systems in particular, was generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government."

This implicates the entire State Department; which is in charge of dealings with foreign policy, commerce etc. It's essentially the hub for outside organizations to interact with the government... and it's apparently insecure.

The media concentrating on the contradicting statements between HRC and the FBI is completely pointless considering a completely ignored statement made by the Director of the FBI when interviewed by Congress. He said that when he asked HRC about the correspondence on her personal server that she replied that she told the senders to make summaries that were "non-papers" which means that they were to have the classified details removed from them. Her trust in this being the case prevents the FBI from saying that she indeed did lie. She could have told the "facts" as she understood them. It would be difficult to make a case that she knew that the classified information was being passed along.

This however doesn't mean that she is out of the heat (as the media is trying to suggest). The director of the FBI suggested in his address, what is often done in such cases is sanctions being leveraged against the party. This may be what is going to happen to the entire Department of State. You can easily imagine that a new "security culture" is in for them as well. This is far from over and the re-opening of the case by the State Department is one the most hilarious things I've seen recently. It seems that they are under the impression that HRC is going to be singled out. That's ridiculous. They are probably hanging themselves. :-)

This is bad enough that HRC could lose her job and her running in the race for POTUS. The media, on the other hand is trying to make it look like HRC is in the clear, and nothing is going to happen; just because she wasn't indited for criminal charges. This is much worse than initially presumed. I doubt very seriously that anyone is intending to let this go.

I hate agreeing with the FBI because their prosecutors are lying F#$@S: but this time... I do.

Regarding internet infrastructure:

I hate that the discourse is using the term "consolidation" in place of market aggregation. The connotation is clearly divisive. It's market aggregation... plain and simple.