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 Viva Technology Paris
 Europe Is About To Create A Link Tax: Time To Speak Out Against It | Techdirt
 US Navy ‘discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move’ – The Sun
 Facebook Will Track What Physical Stores You Go Into | Popular Science
 Mark Zuckerberg is dead keen on reading your thoughts within 50 years
 “Bluetooth 5” spec coming next week with 4x more range and 2x better speed [Updated] | Ars Technica
 The Elderly May Toss Their Walkers for This Robotic Suit
 New Compound Can Transform Infrared into Visible Light | Chemistry, Materials Science |
 Gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes
 New paper claims that the EM Drive doesn't defy Newton's 3rd law after all - ScienceAlert
 Update: Steam Summer Sale dates confirmed | PC Gamer
 PayPal UK on Twitter: "It’s official: the @Steam_games sale starts 23rd June."
 Halo 6 will release on Windows 10 | PC Gamer
 The remastered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim looks amazing — and it will be free for certain players | ExtremeTech
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 Microsoft's E3 2016 Conference & Zelda: Breath of the Wild Got By Far The Most Mentions on Social Media
 New Zelda NX/Wii U Titled 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild; Gameplay Trailer Released
 Fan Made KOTOR Remake is Making Progress

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Free Case? Sign Me up!

lol we're at the same time frame. Nice

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I guess I'm not going to bed till 6AM now...

I will buy that T-Shirt! "Games for Windows Live makes Origin look like Steam" Make it a thing and I'll buy it.

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Please make another mouse. Even if it's 5 or 10 dollars more with improvements I would buy it.


I have upgraded recently from i7 920 to i7 6700K and even if the performance boost is really nice, i most love the USB 3.1 (i know only a, so speed just like 3.0), type C, SATA 3 and other mobo stuff.

Zoltan Istvan is of Hungarian origin.

About the Link Tax. The article says:

In response, Google took the nuclear option and shut down Google News in Spain.

Does Google News refer specifically to the "News" tab, or to all of Google Search in general.

Did Google just removed the "News" tab from Google Search, or did it removed all publications from Google Search entirely, including the "All" tab ?

If Google just removed the "News" tab, without also removing from the "All" tab, does this have an actual effect on traffic ?

Zoltan Istvan Gyurko. Six letters each.

I think the link tax may have more to do with news aggregation sites like DrudgeReport than search engines. I'm just using that site as an example, but there are many. Drudge has billions of visits to his site a month and makes money linking news stories with his custom headline to slant to his political beliefs. He drives a lot of traffic to news sites, but many on the political left feel he has a lot of sway. Again, there are sites on the left who do similar things, I'm just saying the media outlets likely want to tax those sites because they feel the owners of said aggregation sites are making money off their content.

This story makes me think of the 'Humanistic Information Economy' discussed in John Lanier's book 'Who owns the future?' Having read the book I'm actually not entirely against this tax. The book is too involved to adequately describe his arguments in brief, but here is a synopsis from Wikipedia to give a taster;

In Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier posits that the middle class is increasingly disenfranchised from online economies. By convincing users to give away valuable information about themselves in exchange for free services, firms can accrue large amounts of data at virtually no cost. Lanier calls these firms “Siren Servers,” alluding to the Sirens of Ulysses. Instead of paying each individual for their contribution to the data pool, the Siren Servers concentrate wealth in the hands of the few who control the data centers. For example, he points to Google’s translation algorithm, which amalgamates previous translations uploaded by people online, giving the user its best guess. The people behind the source translations receive no payment for their work, while Google profits from increased ad visibility as a powerful Siren Server. As a solution to this problem, Lanier puts forth an alternative structure to the web based on Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu. He proposes a two-way linking system that would point to the source of any piece of information, creating an economy of micropayments that compensates people for original material they post to the web.

Lanier's proposal for a new economic model is basic (by his own admission) and he doesn't propose detailed solutions to some of the obvious problems. On the other hand his analysis of everything that has been going wrong with the information economy since the 90s is spot on. We really need more people like him advocating an alternative, the old Freetard Vs Old School Capitalism debate is getting us nowhere.

I fully recommended the book to anyone interested in big data, the new industrial revolution and software mediated economics.

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A really good episode with loads of funny stuff in it. Thanks for the laughs guys. : )

Should totally, ship one of those shirts over to RMS

"Free Software Foundation

51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor

Boston, MA 02110-1335


So are you planning to actually come to Paris to attend Viva Technology 2016 ?

That's like saying that a store can charge your a fee to sell the product that you bought from them. It's bullshit and shouldn't be allowed to fly.

Am I the only one who read "The Circle" by Dave Eggers and went like: That is some scary shit! Where can I quit?

And now I sit here, watching TheTEK and am like: How do I quit this world without killing myself?
Memory reading. So we can call Facebook Memorize now...

Something about the EM-drive:
Two formulas: F = m * a | E = m c ^ 2
Give you this: F = sqrt(E) / c * a
c (speed of light in vacumm)

To all the physics people out there: I am an engineer, not a quantum juggler!

But don't you want a sensen?!

SPOILER WARNING! If you have not seen ExMachina and I,Robot, do not read!

I want to prevent I,Robot style of disaster because it will not end like I,Robot but like ExMachina.

CNRBSA (Could Not Read Because Spoiler Avoider)
If an AI goes rogue and has access to all our minds, we are in Matrix size trouble with one kink: We can not win.

Nah... ex Machina was too small scale. Beautiful, but not far enough. Also those aren't really spoilers.