The Tek 0233: Google Taking Over Your House | Tek Syndicate

@Logan @ 38mins, you should watch 80's film They Live

Yes and yes again! I've been very interested in Home Automation for a good while, but there are so many intricacies that I don't know or understand, so a guide on it from you guys would be fantastic, ESPECIALLY if it could be a closed loop. Please and please again.

A 'Starter build', then 'Intermediate Upgrade' and then 'Advanced Users' bundles or some such nonsense, perhaps handled ina way similar to Massdrop where prices can drop the more people that go with it...I feel like that would be a great success. I'd be on board anyway, so long as I could stomach the price.

France can't really complain about tax evasion when they have three tax havens within their borders. I think they are trying to strong arm google in to enforcing their right to be forgotten, meaning someone in the French government has something to hide.

Apple already bought a country it's called USA that's why they do not pay any tax.