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Re useless humans:

The best place to start is probably to clear up the common misconceptions. You see Evolution isn't the rule. It's the exception to the rule. In accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the rule is Entropy becoming extinct. Evolution is a process where extraordinary things happen. The fact that we are here now suggests that we are very fortunate. This is because of properties that are intrinsic to natural systems.

The best way to look at it is probably realizing that humans are an emergent life form. What that entails essentially is the Entropy that is to be either normalized or become extinct. The universe isn't known for being wasteful. This might suggest that a useless humanity is doomed to extinction. This immediately opposes the notion of a useless humanity. I would suggest that it's a pretty silly notion when considering it scientifically.

What appears to have happened is a rapid increase of intellectual capacity in a single primate. This is the Entropy. This Entropy is being normalized through civilization as behaviors are becoming extinct. These incoherent behaviors are to become extinct without --> or with <-- humanity. Either way, it will normalize or become extinct. What normalization seems to entail is niche' existence. This means living in conjunction with the natural systems on the biosphere. Stewardship of the planet seems to be the most likely outcome for a large number of reasons. That however seems to be likely only for the legacy human.

Another misconception is that there will be humans and computational systems in a binary divide. That just isn't how natural distributions work. Sure there is likely to be that; but many more forms that fall in between. For instance: the legacy human, the genetically modified human, the human cyborg, the genetically modified human cyborg, the robot (non sentient), the smart robot (non sentient), the android, the stationary AGI, the mobile AGI and maybe even the human upload.

The nitty gritty of it is, all curves are essentially either bell curves (indicating extinction) or S curves (indicating normalization). Technological advancement has outpaced our evolutionary progress; and there is no reason to believe that it is sustainable. At some point we are probably to reach an asymptote as our potential is also reached. This is the point where normalization would be more visible. This appears to be happening in some disciplines now. Scientific theories are becoming more and more incomprehensible as time passes. This might suggest that we are reaching our potential. I think it does; and the most likely outcome is to settle into a niche. This might seem a little bit strange to suggest concerning a novel being like humans; but we are still the product of evolutionary processes and civilization has not weeded out our nature. With all of the disconnection from the natural environment that our modern conveniences have provided, our base impulse is still intact. We have only been civilized for just over 10,000 years; and that isn't enough time for much evolutionary change. We are still the same modern human that we were as hunter gatherers.

The useless human is something that all would find unfavorable. That alone makes it unlikely. Boredom is a strong motivator and it's likely to result in behavior modification in the vast majority of cases. This would produce communities for the bored. The notion of a society of useless humans is based on small samples of outliers and not the common occurrence. It's essentially a misunderstanding of human behavior.

The notion that we will have to find something to do that has nothing to do with survival is just silly. This completely ignores the studies concerning existential and extinction risk. These are a part of our current reality whether or not we buy into them. Our behaviors and social systems are directly subject to these types of risk. They always have been.

The notion of abundance is also a silly notion that completely ignores not only human behavior, but also the general behavior of living systems. In the case of abundance, any form of life is likely to take advantage of the situation. For instance: if the resources that we require were to become more than we need, a population explosion or something is likely to occur. There is plenty of precedent for this. Abundance has been promised in the past and it has never come to be because of our own behavior. That is a fact. I don't want to say that Peter Diamandis is full of shit; but he is misinforming with that notion. What has been the return from technological advancement is the general standard of living. That is where improvements are likely.

Most of the concerns and misconceptions about the future concerning technological advancement stem from the self congratulating aspects of human psychology. We have become conditioned in the way of life that we currently live. We use our occupations and titles to define us and to give our lives meaning. We also feel as though we are in control; and have the biosphere in the palm of our hands as the top of the food chain. This is what many of us are concerned about losing. It has noting to with what is likely. most are just expressing the way that they fell about a future where legacy humans aren't the apex.

All of the research that I have done seems to suggest that the Star Trek (type 2) cake is a lie. There really is no reason to think that legacy humanity can advance beyond a planetary (type 1) niche' society. We are already struggling on the fringes of type 0. We evolved to be a planetary biological system; and there is nothing that any of us can do about that... except maybe wait around for several million years.

Needless to say, I think the researcher's epistemology is way off. It's not just deduction that brings me to the conclusions that I've presented. The trends that have been emerging support my account.

Common guys, when it comes to recording the TEK, you can just get easily do it on Linux, just look at Jupiter Broadcasting, they have a very complex set-up and they can do it using OBS on Linux.
Sure when it comes to editing, go ahead and your your adobe soft on Windows.
You can't really expect your viewers to switch when you guys haven't properly done it yet.
And for the record I'm a programmer/gamer and use 100% Linux for like 6-10 months now.


I had windows 10 for 2 weeks when it first launch, i gave it up and went distro hopping for a while ( hated ubuntu but couldn't find any other os where all my linux games worked well) But after an update from manjaro all my games now work there and i've been using it for months. ( I will never go away from a rolling release model it's awesome)

you guys are just freaking cool. and while i do run TWM as my x window manager on my windows 10 in cygwin, i'm ready for an update. the preview of 10 with bash just makes me angry, why would i turn my license over to a preview edition? i don't have money to burn. yes i'll pay for the stable, but they need to understand to make it better, means letting people test and endure the immaturity of the OS (now that they yorked the testing). it takes a lot of effort to make these things work. windows 10 or let's just call it what it will become, Windows, but they could redeem it by opening up and following the working path of civilian testers, but forceful upgrades and forfeiting your license is not going to do it. This is where Linux has the record of success. It's a matter of time now and we see everything going server side anyway. The news about Chromebooks should sit very well. And remember, have fun use linux (or whatever you want).

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I cant wait your version of IOT with quides and recomended hardware. I would definitely buy that. But please try to think of way to supply EU with your merchendise, the shipping costs are ridiculous.

Thats very true. Maybe they will be switching this year, when there is less stress and things have settled.

damn you beat me to it :(

It was battleborn

Someone with a bunch of money just needs to get the ball rolling on getting more support in GNU/Linux from places like adobe and game creators

and I've yet to try a GPU passthrough with my AM3+ system, though I play more competitive games, so I kinda wanna keep the latency as low as possible

Also here's the stallman thing, his tin foil hat is pretty big, but not without good reason I suppose
I have used the Internet since it first existed. I never used UUCP,
though occasionally I sent emails to addresses that involved transmission
via UUCP.

I am careful in how I connect to the internet. Specifically, I
refuse to connect through portals that would require me to identify
myself, or to run any nontrivial nonfree
Javascript code. I don't mind giving an identity that isn't
really me, if that works.

I often connect in a person's home. The person of course
knows who I am, but that does not bother me. What I would object to
is putting my identity in a database that can be searched. I
prevent that by changing my mac address at each location.

I am careful in how I use the Internet.

I generally do
not connect to web sites from my own machine, aside from a few sites
I have some special relationship with. I usually fetch web pages
from other sites by sending mail to a program (see
git:// that fetches them, much like wget,
and then mails them back to me. Then I look at them using a web
browser, unless it is easy to see the text in the HTML page
directly. I usually try lynx first, then a graphical browser
if the page needs it (using konqueror, which won't fetch from other
sites in such a situation).

I occasionally also browse unrelated sites using IceCat via Tor.
Except for rare cases, I do not identify myself to them. I
think that is enough to prevent my browsing from being connected
with me.

I never pay for anything on the Web. Anything on the net that
requires payment, I don't do. (I made an exception for the fees for
the domain, since that is connected with me anyway.) I
also avoid paying with credit

I would not mind paying for a copy of an
e-book or music recording on
the Internet if I could do so anonymously, and it were ethical in
other ways (no DRM or EULA). But that option almost never exists.
I keep looking for ways to make it exist.


That Hyper-reality video was really interesting, thanks for sharing that. I could totally see something like that becoming normal in the near future.

@wendell @Logan last 2 minutes of the video. Please do the home automation guides and kits and everything and I love all the ideas. Do everything please.

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The home automation stuff at the end of the video sounds really interesting. Selling the stuff on Epic Pants would really help. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a hold on some of the various components like certain resistors, diodes, temperature sensors, LEDs etc. I can get these locally, but I would pay a lot more for it. Local, but expensive, Chinese shipping, but much cheaper.

I also ordered one of those RFID things for Arduino a month and a half ago and it hasn't shown up yet. Kind of irritating.

In regards to the subject AI will create a "useless class" of humans I said the following on YouTube about this ..

" I really liked the part where I could see you both in deep thought about this guy and the useless humans deal. I am telling you it is nice that technology can give us entertainment and real world practical improvements but it is going way too far when we allow it to continuously take jobs away from people and invade every single part of our lives. Hopefully one day the majority of this world will realize that not all technological advances are good for mankind and we can live happily without certain things and also hopefully one day commerce will come to an end. Does it mean that people have to stop working? No. It just means people will be able to work at paces they can handle and work on things they really want to instead of worrying about earning a buck to just be able to eat and cloth themselves. This should not be something people should have to worry about. It should be a given that a person has certain things in life. Corporations looking to make big money and have earning a buck be the focus of everyone are causing many people in this world unneeded stress. Die commerce die."

As for other subjects .....

I watched the Penguicon 2016 video and it was interesting but I would feel out of place there as I am just a gamer and nothing more.

As for Nokia planning a massive comeback and nobody noticing well I have nothing to say other than "Die smart phones die!" Ok well I don't think they should die as much as I used to want them to as they serve a practical purpose at times but really they still have so much on them that are so annoying that is not needed and also there is the price tag for the service and phone that is idiotic and I don't care how long you have to pay it off it still all costs too much. Again like I often say .. die commerce die.

In regards to Google's sticky car .... LOL! That was a really light hearted and funny segment. Google does quite a few good things but whoever thought up this idiotic idea needs to be fired from the company. LOL!

Now about the 5 U.S. companies holding 1/3 of the cash all I will say ..... die commerce die.

On the subject of Google making it's own chips eh when that was said I immediately thought potato. I wasn't even hungry. It is just I never thought of anyone but Intel anymore with AMD, seemingly their only competition, fading away.

As for the Epic Pants store part of the show I really still want that shirt with all of you from Tek Syndicate on it. Unfortunately 2 deaths and 2 birthdays coming up means me not buying very much for myself. Also I am not sure if the Canadian dollar has recovered enough to make it affordable for me to buy stuff from the U.S. right now.

Blah blah blah .... bye

Shouldn't IBM be more scared of the new Google processor? With their 8 threads per core and like huge processor cache and also extra L4 cache?

I would love a home automation kit.

Google's sticky car. What if it hits you just before it goes into a roll? Lol
Somebody didn't think things through.

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@wendell You mentioned that the bash implementation in OSX is terrible (correct me if I remembered incorrectly here). Have you got a general description or article link that gives more details? I'm not questioning it; I'm genuinely interested. (Or anyone else could answer this).

Lot of reasons. I am sure many people here can add to the conversation. This reddit thread is pretty decent: and only covers half the story.


Thanks. That's very enlightening.
I use OSX at work (mainly management decision, I miss Linux) and already use Macports but didn't even think to install bash.
I'll be experimenting a lot more with this now.