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 Epic Pants
 UN rights boss warns against precedent in Apple vs. FBI case | Reuters
 Amazon just removed encryption from its tablet devices
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 Oculus Founder: Rift will come to Mac if Apple “ever releases a good computer” | Ars Technica
 Samsung ships the world's highest capacity SSD, with 15TB of storage | Computerworld
 Intel outlines a plan to get back in line with Moore's Law | PCWorld
 AMD wants to standardize the external GPU | Ars Technica
 With artificial ‘octopus skin,’ robots can bend and stretch while changing color - The Washington Post
 This Monkey is Controlling a Wheelchair With its Mind
 Triple entanglement feat adds new twist to quantum cryptography
 Lasers Could Steer Asteroids Away From Earth
 id Software Wants You To Choose The DOOM Cover Art

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How did you embed the vessel link in the post?

Yes please Wendell. I am very much interested in a Rant 30 on encryption.


Big yes for the next Rant 30 on encryption !
Have you ever been to Defcon, @wendell ? It's an event I'd really like to attend in the near future.



On the super intelligence issue. I wanted to present this survey on the matter:

The survey suggests that the environmental and social influence is much more important in increased IQ than the genetics. Although it is pretty obvious that genetics play a role (there are probably thousands of genes that are connected) currently science seems to have more concrete evidence of the environmental factor than the genetic. This suggest that if you want to create super intelligent humans manipulating genetics will not really do as much as social engineering can.

And on the comment that @Logan made on the more intelligent humans understanding that race is irrelevant. Usually this works the other way. People seeing themselves as by default (genetically) superior. The first nation or race that manages that will immediately see themselves as superior and begin discriminate against others. Intelligence does not mean wisdom by default.

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Id like to see a show on encryption. Not sure if it's a rand 30 topic but there is a lot of information people should know.


Mmm new TEK. Going to watch this later today . . . after the TIMBERS SEASON OPENER!!!!


tire is also iRobot :P

I would absolutely enjoy a rant:30 about encryption! :)


After this news from AMD im definitely getting AMD build. This approach is something what industry needs. Freesync? standadr, 64 bit instruction sets in Intel CPUs? AMDs and is standard, Mantle even tho seems to be nonexistent from viewpoint of someone who doesnt own AMD hardware i think had a role in industry in general getting behind Vulkan, and open source drivers - i hope they get better and better, and as time passes a standard thing.

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In the topic of processors, PC's and what the unwashed masses need.

I firmly believe Apple and Microsoft are gearing up and moving OS's towards this walled garden because in a few phone generations there will be no laptop / Desktop for mainstream use only a phone that runs there wall garden OS where Apple / Microsoft take care of updates, Virus's and malware and suck all the data and history of users for profit. The unwashed masses will find it easy and convenient and all they will need is a display, mouse, keyboard and or touch screen to use their OS as a "desktop experience" which will be the phone that is always in there pocket.

With storage going up all the time (look at Samsungs 15TB SSD) and the cloud people will have all the processing and graphic power they need in a phone.

As a gamer I will alway want the higher end gaming. However when a phone can drive a HTC Vive in 10 years what's the point of a Desktop gaming rig.

Fingers crossed Linux gaming becomes a thing so we tech heads can keep control of our OS's.

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@Marten be the change you want to see!
Migrate to Linux, and contribute to it's future glory, that's what I have planned, even if my gaming experience might suffer a bit in terms of the variety of games I can play, (I don't play AAA titles, so, not too big of a problem) I believe my overall experience will be absolutely awesome!

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Haahaaa, the first 3-way quantum entaglement. Reminds me of this:


In the future the color changing camouflage robots will be used to issue jaywalking tickets to unsuspecting pedestrians.

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Oh awesome, you never mentioned. UK Amazon stock is back!

What I don't like about external GPUs for laptops is that the GPU doesn't use the the laptop's monitor.

So, in addition to the laptop, charger, mouse and external GPU, I also have to carry around an external monitor and keyboard.

Maybe that's what AMD is trying to solve.

@wendell Rant on anything. Oppinions are good places to get ideas.

Truly the best quote I have heard in a long time!!! Wendell "I cant hear you over the sound of how awesome this keyboard is" ! I just love it!!!!! NEED SHIRTS MADE WITH THIS!!! I'm still laughing! You don't know how many people have complained about my keyboard at LAN parties!! I'm talking back in the day before mec keyboards where all over the place!


@wendell Rant 30 on encryption Would be great!!.

i think secondary external GPUS are a good idea. more so for guys who game and do CAD you could have your Gforce GPU internal to your laptop and a quadro at your workstation and you can switch over to which ever depending on your needs.