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This episode: Ads on smart TVs, killer robots waging our wars, the encryption war, and a lot more.


 Epic Pants


 You're Going to Need an Ad Blocker for Your Next TV | Motherboard
 North Korea has invented hangover-free alcohol (says North Korea) - CNET
 Mozilla co-founder unveils Brave, a Web browser that blocks ads by default | Ars Technica UK
 Six senators accidentally just admitted they are clueless about internet speeds | The Verge
 AT&T's CEO says Tim Cook shouldn't have any say in encryption debate | The Verge
 Now California state wants to ban sale of encrypted smartphones | ZDNet forums
 Implant to 'Plug' Brain into Supercomputers : Discovery News
 40 countries are working on killer robots and there's no law to say how we use them
 Chinese Army Uses "Laser Guns"
 New Lo and Behold Trailer Focuses on Artificial Intelligence
 Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity: Leave Earth Before the Ruling Class Destroys It
 “Find my phone” apps mistakenly bring dozens of people to this house in Atlanta | Ars Technica
 mjg59 | Linux Foundation quietly drops community representation
 In Age of Uber, Car Giants Scramble for Opportunities in Services | MIT Technology Review
 Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10 | The Verge
 This Computer Cluster Cracks Every Windows Password in 5.5-hours or Less
 Microchip Technology to Buy Atmel for Nearly $3.6 Billion - The New York Times
 SocketSite™ | An 8,600-Square-Foot House That Can Power Itself and Two Teslas
 The Man Who Turned Night Into Day | Motherboard
 Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak review - PC Gamer

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Cool Intro. I remember from way way back.

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I live in Buffalo N.Y. the storm in newyork city is but a small breeze to me.

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I've never actually had a hangover.

I think you guys are mixing up the difference between Entrapment and Enticement which legally are two different things. I believe legally law enforcement in the US (and many other countries) have full authority to uses enticement to apprehend individuals. The content of the website is another matter and does not seem like something they should have the authority to do, as Kane was pointing out.

Am i mistaken but didnt @Logan and a dozen different Youtube creators receive a 65" curved 4k tv from LG that they were able to keep in return for doing a review of the tv. So then why did @Logan say he didnt have a tv. Uhmmmmmm questions.

He had the option to keep it, but he returned it anyway because he doesn't watch TV.
Or maybe he sold it.

Content ID Matching in Televisions should totally not be a thing!!
If I create my own videos and run them externally into the TV they will be uploaded and analysed by a Content ID system.. lol. Stop stealing my homemade porn Samsung.


@Wendell said that if you shut down Windows on a Surface tablet, the battery will be drained, then he said that it's because the UEFI is bad, but then he said it' because of the operating system.
I don't get it. If the device has been shut down, and the operating system isn't running, how is this the fault of the operating system ?

Was excited about the "Brain implants" news, but then these thoughts came to my mind xD

  • Now you can have ads delivered directly to your brain :D better still, let's let this ad .... gee I dunno .... maybe kinda control you making you want to strangely want to buy this thing you don't want ??
  • Or .... even greater !!! DRM forced on your thoughts :D :D now you're no longer allowed to remembers the lyrics and rhythms of that song you like ..... unless you pay a 10$/month subscription .......
  • 1984 ... anyone ??

slowly puts his tinfoil hat on

Great show guys

speaking of killer robots, grate TED talk on the subject by writer Daniel Suarez

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If you guys want a Non-Smart TV, just get a Digital Signage display where you can plug anything into it, some even have tuners. There are a lot with built in smart stuff for signage (like Samsung's) but plenty more make plain displays with I/O. They are usually cheaper than TVs since there's no marketing, but built with the same panels. Just throwing that out there.

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I think this should be the next product added to the Epic Pants store.
Now when @Logan and @wendell tell us they are putting on their tin foil hat we can be ready too and feel well protected from the NSA scanning our neurons.


cerberus app works really well, you can text the phone so that it will turn gps etc on, can make it ring even if its been set to silent, lock it, take pictures

or track where it has been

Jeeesh, moving sucks, I feel your pain.. Good luck with the showing guys and girls on Monday. Hope you find something reasonable down in Portland. Buddy just tried to get a place to rent there, he's a contract nurse, and prices are a little on the high side. Great episode BTW. Cheers.



For years I did not have a TV. I used my PC exclusively. I have since replaced my monitor with a 32" Samsung I don't have Cable or "over air" antenna. As far as I'm concerned nothing has changed accept my PCs screen size.

I hear you friend. I have an internet subscription and a cell phone and that's all I really need. I barely even watch TV shows anymore. Netflix and YouTube have begun to completely supplant any of the TV that I used to watch.

Not sure I would trust anything made by North Korea since they don't follow any standards but their own.

I don't even watch TV anymore but that would be freaking creepy if a TV can just pry information like that.

Doubt most of the ruling class will listen to a handicapped theoretical physicist, even though he is one of the most highly intelligent human beings on Earth.

Here is what will happen with killer robots. At first, they will be just machines very efficient at killing things (biotic or abiotic), however as A.I progresses further and further, eventually it will get to a point where we can make sentient A.I. This version of A.I may accidently be a part of the army units and then the robots will just stop fighting and ask themselves, "Why are we fighting? What do we have against each other?" and then they will start questioning their creators and eventually we wiill have revolt, Skynet, SHODAN, Hal 9000, and all bunch of shit and before you know it, Humanity is dead.
(Yes, this is the worse slipperly slope I have ever made. I just thought about all of this in the span of 15 seconds. If I put more thought and time with this, maybe it would be better written but alas, I don't feel like putting much time into this)

Documentary seems interesting. Might give it a watch when it comes out.