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It would be great to see Paul integrate more with the Tek in the future, if that's the way the Tek is heading.


'If my team is not winning, I'll sabotage the other team': Wendell's quote sums-up Australian politics (and globally, too) over the last 60-years in a nutshell.

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US Politics as well....

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Paul is a cool guy, his addition to the content is great.
Would be awesome to see him more arround.


"The Pun-isher" need to be a shirt.
Do like the live format. Cool to see Paul :)

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I'm still using my i5-2500k from 2011. Though my sapphire 7870 just died after ~3 years, but I got a loooot of use out of that thing. And I suppose I also gained a fancy coaster...

I also recently upped my ram from 8gb to 16gb, which was a fairly inexpensive and welcome upgrade (substance painter was hitting my ram limit). But yeah, you get a hell of a lot of use + potential lifespan from one system. I know my motherboard can also handle some ivy bridge cpu's if that ever becomes a concern.

I posted this on Youtube but thought I'd share it here as well:

For anybody else who's getting insane audio latency, open VLC, go to Media, click Open Network Stream and paste in

Same here, my 04/2011 i5-2500 is pushing a pair of MSI 770s (4GB OC model) without issues. GTA5 doesn't even come close to maxing out that CPU.

I'm thinking about retiring it though. Once you start gaming while running one or more VMs (even without passthrough), it does show its limitations.

Got this ad on through adsense. Translated it says:

Update the driver in two minutes.
(Recommended) Free download. Download here

While I don't think there's anything directly malicious here, it's playing on peoples technical illiteracy to get them to click on the ad. I find this unethical, so I've simply informed them( about the ad.

What's your opinion on this type of ad? Should we perhaps block certain ads, or companies in adsense, without blocking the whole platform? (If at all possible)

Those who do not know the movie already i would highly recommend it on the topic who society and humanity changes when there is a system of total suveillance. The movie won an oscar and is called "Das Leben der anderen" - "The lives of the others".

I'm surprised you haven't talked about George Hotz's automated car. I'd like to know what you think.

EDIT: not really replying to @Cisto . Got cut in queue while editing :) .

Paul's great. He fits The Tek Syndicate lika a glove, and why not consolidate content? Could become a syndication.

As for Occulus Rift... hmm. I remember a computer called Amiga. It was marketed as multimedia, a wonder of graphics and sound. But it was expensive and never marketed properly as a productivity tool. Now, is Occulus Rift going to make me more productive? I would love to see advantages to Word, Spreadsheet, or an IDE in Occulus Rift. Is it going to solve an actual problem for me? That's where it will hit or miss for me. I really need more reasons to get out for fresh air than to stay at home. Perhaps it will be great as a training tool (surgeons, pilots, firemen), but it needs to be actually useful to many. It is not sufficient for it to just be a fantastic product.

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I think everyone understands that PC is the premier way to experience multi platform games. I do think that you guys under estimate the value of console exclusive games that drive the number of units that they move. If I want to play Uncharted, I can only have that experience on Playstation. If I want to play Halo, I can only have that experience on Xbox. If I want to play Mario or Zelda, that experience can only be had on Nintendo. These are the high quality titles that drive consoles sales and the PC doesn't have anything that can replace those experiences.

Most people grew up with a console in the house way before they had a PC and most people are extremely PC phobic because they feel like it is very complicated. Consoles will always have a place in the market for the reasons I previously stated but I do not think you'll convert people to PC by consistently bashing their preferred gaming platform.

About the Silicon Valley summit and terrorists, I've found a different article:

Sandberg reportedly demonstrated Facebook's emergency suicide prevention
tool, which lets users flag friends who have posted suicidal thoughts.
Without missing a beat, Obama's team "wondered if such a system could be
used to flag terrorist content or detect a user who appears to be

That sounds like something that's actually useful for stopping terrorists.

People will troll a feature like that to get people they don't like monitored. We just need to relax and go back to good police work.

Not if Facebook checks the post first, to see if it's related to terrorism, before sending it to the government.

There's no technological reason for those games to not exists on PC. If you're talking about input devices, gamepads and wiimotes can also be used on PC.
The only reason why those games exist only on consoles is because Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are "bribing" developers to make those games exclusive.

Of course they are, but that is my point. They aren't going to make those games multi platform because those titles are what drives their hardware sales. Do you really think they would open there main revenue streams to PC?

Sorry, I got the wrong impression that you're somehow defending consoles, because you also said this:

Really ? There's nothing on PC that can replace them ?